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Hard Surface Game Asset Course

Release date:2021

Author:Josh & Ryuu

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

A comprehensive, must-have course for the creation of two studio-quality hard surface game assets.
Game assets are not difficult to create, but they are difficult to understand.

That’s why we made this course – to remove that confusion and show you a seamless (pun has left the chat) workflow.

So let’s discuss the elephant in the room: how difficult are game assets?

Ultimately, it depends on the complexity of your model and your preferred workflow.

Generally, you only need to follow this simple set of steps:

2High to Low Poly
5Map baking
7Export into Game Engine
8Portfolio Presentation
If you can master all of these steps, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

It looks easy on paper, but there are a lot of tricks and techniques one must employ to design these assets properly, and that is what this course is all about.

We spent a considerable amount of time piecing together appropriate workflows that work not only with booleans, but also ngon and weighted normal-based meshes.

The quad workflow was always heavily preached, but we’re here to tell you that not only is it inefficient when dealing with hard-surface meshes, it is also more time consuming.

This course will show you the proper way to handle topology, regardless of whether you employ quad-based workflows or our preferred boolean-bevel based workflow.

We will first show you the proper way to model non-destructively with booleans, so that way going from a high to low poly mesh takes only minutes.

Ryuu works a bit more destructively and hands-on, and Josh works a bit more non-destructively and iterative. You’ll enjoy both ways of learning and can use whichever workflow suites you the best.

Next, we’ll unwrap the low-poly model, discussing various unwrapping techniques, seam placement, and texel density considerations.

After this is done, triangulation is essential. Without triangulation, your mesh may collapse in other software such as Marmoset or Substance Painter due to their automatic triangulation algorithms. It is essential that you triangulate beforehand in Blender, and we’ll show you the proper techniques to do so.

After triangulation, we will bake our high poly detail onto the low poly mesh in Marmoset Toolbag, arguably the best baker on the market. We will also show you separate ways to bake in Blender and Substance Painter.

Finally, we’ll texture in Substance Painter and Quixel Mixer (Josh uses Substance Painter, Ryuu uses Quixel) and export into Unreal Engine for a final product.

As a bonus, we’ll show you how to bring all the maps in to Blender for rendering, that way you can showcase your model in your portfolio for potential clients, jobs, or personal use.

We use a bit of Photoshop for touching up the final render, but that won’t take long at all.

And that’s it! A straightforward workflow with a technical consideration. We’ll show you everything you need to know.

Watch online or Download for Free

GA Introduction
Baking Holes – How Does It Work
Baking In Substance
Bevel Strategy For Game Assets
Mismatched Curvature
Non-Destructive Boolean Management
Quads Vs Ngons

GA1 Videos 01-10
01 Blocking Out The Mesh
02 Finishing The Blockout
03 High To Low Poly Discussion
04 Secondary Details
05 Secondary Details Pt. 2
06 Bevels
07 Creating The Shell
08 Detailing The Shell
09 Design Talk
10 Structural Designs

GA1 Videos 11-20
11 Finishing The High Poly
12 High To Low Poly Pt. 1
13 High To Low Poly Pt. 2
14 High To Low Poly Pt. 3
15 UV Unwrapping Pt. 1
16 Uv Unwrapping Pt. 2
17 Optimizing Texture Space
18 UV Unwrapping Pt. 3
19 Why You Must Triangulate Your Mesh
20 Low Poly Triangulation Pt. 1

GA1 Videos 21-30
21 Low Poly Triangulation Pt. 2
22 High Poly Triangulation Pt. 1
23 Fixing Triangulation Problems
24 High Poly Triangulation Pt. 2
25 High Poly Triangulation Pt. 3
26 High Poly Triangulation Pt. 4
27 Baking Preparation
28 Final Unwrap
29 Importing Into Marmoset
30 Fixing Bake Issues In Blender

GA1 Videos 31-41
31 Baking In Marmoset
32 Fixing Ao Bake Issues
33 Intro To Substance Painter
34 Texturing In Substance Painter Pt. 1
35 Texturing In Substance Painter Pt. 2
36 Alphas In Substance Painter
37 Final Result
38 Exporting Maps
39 Importing Into Unreal Engine
40 Portfolio Rendering
41 Photoshop Post Processing

GA2 Videos 0-10
Game Asset Terminal 00 Intro Video
Game Asset Terminal 01 modelling
Game Asset Terminal 02 modelling
Game Asset Terminal 03 modelling
Game Asset Terminal 04 modelling
Game Asset Terminal 05 modelling
Game Asset Terminal 06 modelling
Game Asset Terminal 07 modelling
Game Asset Terminal 08 modelling
Game Asset Terminal 09 modelling
Game Asset Terminal 10 HP optimisation

GA2 Videos 11-20
Game Asset Terminal 11 HP optimisation
Game Asset Terminal 12 HP optimisation
Game Asset Terminal 13 LP creation
Game Asset Terminal 14 LP creation p2
Game Asset Terminal 15 LP check
Game Asset Terminal 16
Game Asset Terminal 17
Game Asset Terminal 18
Game Asset Terminal 19
Game Asset Terminal 20

GA2 Videos 21-30
Game Asset Terminal 21
Game Asset Terminal 22
Game Asset Terminal 23
Game Asset Terminal 24 Lp Tr1
Game Asset Terminal 25 Lp Tr2
Game Asset Terminal 26 Hp Tr1
Game Asset Terminal 27 Hp Tr2
Game Asset Terminal 28 Mt
Game Asset Terminal 29 QM Issues
Game Asset Terminal 30 AO and Normal Maps Fixing

GA2 Videos 31-37
Game Asset Terminal 31 Qm Texturing
Game Asset Terminal 32 New Rendering
Game Asset Terminal 33 Photoshop Editing
Game Asset Terminal 34 Why You Should Not Bake Maps In Bllender
Game Asset Terminal 35 Final Tips And Tricks
Game Asset Terminal 36 Vanilla Blender Tools Vs Addons
Game Asset Terminal 37 Unreal Import

[The BlenderBros] Hard Surface Game Asset Course.7z

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