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Share a Course to get Free Premium


Guys, thank you all for your hard work and sharing. Let our team complete to upgrade the servers to the new version of the cloud. All shares will be uploaded and you will get the premium. We are just too busy now.

Thank you again for your understanding and support!

The is a place that connects freelancers, beginning CG artists, content, and industry professionals. The idea is to build a community of inclusion and added value in self-driven CG education. We have about 5000 CG-related courses available for you on our platform. You may stream it online using our VOD (video-on-demand) platform or download absolutely free.

We are trying to do our best to make this resource valuable for you. Aside from access to valuable content, we are trying to build a tight-knit community where we can swap advice, solutions, and interesting content. We believe that our growing community is a place for inclusion; a place where people bond over a common interest, passion, or purpose. We want this to be a place where relationships are built.

So the one way you may support us is to share the course you have with our growing community. And we would be happy to grant you the premium on if you share the course you have with everyone.


Let’s say you have a video course “Blender Fundamentals for Online Game Development” by Strawberry.

    1. Please search for “Blender Fundamentals for Online Game Development” first using ourย search interface:
    2. First, check what you have in a dropdown menu:
    3. Sometimes search function works not perfect, try to cut off some common words of your search query, i.e.: “Blender Fundamentals for Online Game Development” –> “Blender Fundamentals Online Game Development” –> “Blender Online Game Development” and check again if we have this course already.
    4. While searching please don’t use only a dropdown search results in a browser:
    5. This result is not bad, but it may be slightly different from what you have when you press “Enter”:
    6. So now you may be aware that your content is not on our resource.
    7. Go to and upload your valuable content there.
    8. Right-click on the folder, choose “Manage link”:
    9. Click on the “Copy” button in the pop-up window:
    10. Comment on this page with the email address you used on, your username on, and the sharing link:
    11. We will check your link, and if the content you share is missing here we will upload it for our community and grant you a premium status on One course – one-week premium. If your content is expensive and unique, please mention it in your comment, we are not greedy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s build a community, guys!


  1. Hi,

    I love your website. Wanted to share a course with you guys:

    The Gnomon Workshop – Advanced Illustration and Key Art Techniques

    If you canโ€™t find me on with the email, try to search lexami username.

    Thanks very much!

  2. Strawberry, could you upload more of Glenn Vilppu’s material from NMA and art video when you the chance please:

    I really love his work and would like to view more of his content!

    Thank you for all the work you and staff do!

  3. Hi, guys.

    You upload a course shared by me: Cartoon-Style Character Portraits with Procreate by Cristina Gรณmez. But forget to give me the temporary premium… T_T

  4. Hello, Strawberry

    Udemy – Master After Affects 2024 in 4hrs – From Zero To Compositor
    Udemy – Blender VFX Course From Beginner To Pro
    Udemy – 2D Character Animator – Photoshop, After Effects, Midjourney

  5. You are limit the download speed too much and ask for a course in exchange for a week of premium, a course that you will add to your site forever.
    Yes, you are greedy!

  6. Hey Strawberry
    Love your website wanted to share few courses with you guys

    [SuperHi] Intro to User Experience Design

    [FrontendMasters] Mastering the Design Process

    [Udemy] 3D Characters in Unity

    [Udemy] Complete 3D Space Shooter in Unity C# For Beginners 2024

    [Udemy] Creating 3D Obstacles with Unity for Hyper Casual Games

    [Udemy] Unity Tutorial Idle Clicker Incremental Game

    [Udemy] Unity Game Development Improve your code skill

    [Udemy] The Ultimate Unity Coloring & Painting Course

    [Udemy] C# Fundamentals for Game Development

    [Udemy] Design Patterns for Game Programming

    If you canโ€™t find me on with email, try to search SaizDrew username
    Its a Great Website

  7. Hi, how are you?

    I love your website, I really do. Such a great help for struggling artists. Here are courses that I wanted to share with you guys:

    Jacob Riglin – The Photography Masterclass

    Joel Grimes – One Light Masterclass

    Keda Z – Wedding & Portrait Post-Processing Online Class 1.0 โ€“ Z100+ Class

    Mark Denney (Gumroad) – Unlock the Power of Lightroom Range Masks to Create Powerful Landscape Photos

    Udemy – Certified Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Professional

    Udemy – Mastering C + + Fundamentals For Proficient Programming

    Udemy – Thinking in Algorithms

    If you canโ€™t find me on with the email, try to search Emman2 username.

    Thanks very much!

    • Two courses were downloaded from occ and some courses are not related to CG.
      I’ve added a one month premium to your account.
      Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hello, Not sure where to ask this but can you please share the material from ylanast? Looking for brushes/files as well as the video lessons. Especially the Pro and VIP ones. Appreciate it man!

  9. Hello , This is what I will share with you

  10. Hello Have this please

    Drawing People Creating Unique and Dynamic Character Poses
    [Skillshare] Drawing People – Creating Unique and Dynamic Character Poses in Procreate by Sarah Holliday

  11. Hi,

    I love your website. Wanted to share a course with you guys:
    [Udemy] Unreal Engine Multiplayer Capture the Flag.โ„–โ„–โ„–

    If you canโ€™t find me on with the email, try to search NoJoke username.

  12. Hey there so Meds Map has been behind a premium lock since 2021 and it has been WAY past the marker to release it to the public. Please remove that! I want to take the course entirely and be able to learn digital painting. Strawberry right? Please do this.

  13. Hi,
    I wanted to share a course:
    Skillshare – Blender 2024 From Beginner to PRO learn Modeling, Texturing and Particle System

    My username on is jokojoko if you canโ€™t find me with the email.


  14. Hi, I wanted to share a course:
    Skillshare – Fluid simulation in blender 4. 0. 2
    My username on is jokojoko if you canโ€™t find me with the email.

  15. hello everyone .
    can i request patreon videos ?
    if yes , can someone share this

  16. Can you guys please upload Istebrak’s Portraiture Masterclass
    Would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    Here is the link
    Istebrak’s Portraiture Masterclass

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