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2D Animation: From the Basics to Scene Construction [COLOSO, Michinoku-toge, GBC Dub]


Release date:2023, May

Duration:18 h 26 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Are you ready to make the jump into the world of 2D animation? Start by getting the skills you need, from planning and developing a story to producing your own animation, take your work efficiency to the next level with a class from Michinoku-toge.

This class is more than just a simple tutorial, Michinoku-toge has gathered all the insights from his years of experience in 2D animation production, and he’s sharing it all.

Who Should
Take This Class?

Countless people aspire to work in the animation industry. However, if you want to create an original animated film with a unique style, just knowing how to use the right software isn’t enough.

You need to know everything from developing a story and deciding on a concept to choosing the right background and creating natuPremium Courses Onlineral, dynamic character movements. And that’s just the beginning.

Training is vital, but there’s a limit to acquiring the skills you need with practice alone. Michinoku-toge will be sharing key aspects that he feels will help you efficiently improve your skills while offering effective methods and shortcuts.

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  1. Hey there ! will these courses eventually be available for free like the other courses ? i went over to the group buy section to see how it works . But i am not able / in a position to make those payments in the asked method. im just curios ?

    • Probably not, their entire method relies on uploading garbage courses on this website and then inflating the value of locked premium ones behind a paywall.

      • The whole website is about uploading all kind of CG courses (including garbage ones), finding the good one is up to you.

  2. Hi, I saw you guys already reached the goal and got the course, when will it be shared here? Isn’t that the goal? Group-founding and then sharing?

  3. Can i ask you, but is this course expected to be added to the site “Stylised character created with 3D hand painting – 3D 핸드 페인팅으로 제작하는 Stylized character”

  4. Hi!
    Is this course incomplete? Why does the number of videos jump from 3 to 9 and then to 15 and then to 22 and 24?

  5. sir strawberry, is there a telegram chat for to discuss? Ever since the other one banned from telegram i couldn’t find it?

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