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Game Art Basics – Create a 3D Environment

Release date:2020, May 8

Author:Rob Aduna

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This Environment Art Basics Course is an introduction to the latest techniques and workflows of the best 3D environment artists in today’s video games industry. Whether you’re creating an indie game or building an eye-catching portfolio to break into some of the top AAA studios, this course will sharpen your artistic eye and give you concepts and foundations to make your workflow efficient.

By going through this fundamentals course, you will have started as an artist overwhelmed and confused with the plethora of techniques and workflows out there to an artist who has gained confidence and a solid understanding of game environment development.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction

Stages of Development

Tools and Software

2. Planning

Importance of Reference

Organizing Assets

3. Blocking and Composition

Structural Asset Blockout

Preliminary Lighting

Prop Asset Blockout

Camera Placement

4. Modeling

Structural Detailing

Prop Modeling

High Poly Modeling

5. Texturing

Physically Based Rendering Overview

Texturing Techniques Overview

Material Setup

High to Low Baking

Tiling Texturing


6. Scene Polish

Lighting Techinques Overview

High Quality Lighting

Post Processing

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  1. Hello bro can we get this courses please?
    specially the last two from yiihuu and wingfox thanks

  2. THANK YOU soo much for your work, its really amazing how much these courses have helped, if its not too much to ask is it possible to get, Archviz business course by black balance or the domestika Integration of 3D Elements in Real Environments by Diego velasquez

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