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Blender Celluloid-Style Anime Character “Irena” – Three renderings and two modeling process (Blender赛璐璐风格角色《伊蕾娜》三渲二建模渲染流程制作教程 – Chinese, Eng sub)


Release date:2019

Duration:14 h 37 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This tutorial is designed to explain the production process of creating a celluloid-style anime role of the Irena. It covers everything from finding references, modeling, UV mapping, creating simple materials and masks, using shader nodes, advanced usage of various types of modified controllers, using entities and Freestyle contours, and the synthesis of the rendering and animation process, all the way to the final completion of the works.

This tutorial simplifies many of the unnecessary processes, such as drawing material textures, and instead utilizes modified controllers to easily complete some of the headaches of modeling and texturing. It also showcases the Blender software’s Almighty features, integrating modeling, material rendering, and reducing the complicated linkage between software.

Once you complete this course, you will gain a lot of knowledge and skills in making cartoon characters.

Table of Contents

lesson 0: tutorial promos
lesson 1: the plug-in and with reference to figure

First Chapter: Physical Modeling of the character
lesson 2: a head modeling
lesson 3: Physical Modeling
lesson 4: hand modeling
lesson 5: the eyelashes and eye modeling
lesson 6: Hair 1 (Liu)
lesson 7: Hair 2 back hair and side hair
lesson 8: the hair 3 out more hair)

The second Chapter: clothing modeling
lesson 9: the inner layer clothes modeling
lesson 10: the outer coat of the modeling
lesson 11: inner clothes folds to create
lesson 12: the outer clothes folds to create
lesson 13: hats modeling
lesson 14: bows modeling
lesson 15: the shoe modeling
lesson 16: The Accessories modeling
lesson 17: a model of the final adjustment

Chapter three: materials Chapter
lesson 18: the fast and the principles of Coloring
lesson 19: the eyes of map making
lesson 20: the head of the celluloid production and adjust the face appearance
lesson 21: the clothe’s celluloid production and hair adjust
lesson 22: the clothes shadow to adjust the hours of
lesson 23: more shadow production

Chapter Four: The Celluloid style animation triple shaded relief it technology
lesson 24: the entity of the contour line
lesson 25: the Freestyle to use
lesson 26: the simple expression made
lesson 27: the eyes through the hair of the method
lesson 28: Boolean animated mouth
lesson 29: the expression of the controller base
lesson 30: cartoon light rendering and lighting exclusion method
lesson 31: the other three rendering two technical tricks

Chapter: extra Chapter
lesson 32: synthetic layered derived with a simple photographic use
lesson 33: a turntable animation with Nuke repair line art

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  1. [Yiihuu] Blender Celluloid-Style Anime Character Irena – Three renderings and two modeling process (Blender赛璐璐风格角色《伊蕾娜》三渲二建模渲染流程制作教程 – Chinese, Eng sub)

    ugh i don’t have gbc account mind post the subtitle directly to cloud?

  2. Omg thanks A LOT I really mean it! I wished for this course for so long and i didn’t have money to get it, thanks a lot!

  3. Hello, can you upload the SUB ENG file to medifile? Click on the SUB file below and it takes me to a WEB Group Buy CL page, but “You don’t have permission to view the spoiler content.” I can’t even confirm my email :,,( .
    Please upload SUB ENG file,

  4. Is just me or part 1 and part 2 of the first section use a different head?
    I Recently download part 1 and part 2 of the lesson 1. I tried to follow it. Then part 2 seems like they used a different model

    In 课时02:身体建模, seems like edge loop for their character’s head is also different from 课时01:头部建模.. can be seen at 32:47. The loop goes up into the head and ends at the front face. It’s not that big of a deal, I can kinda clean the topology to follow the lesson… but is there a lot of mesh swap in the future lesson?

    • Nevermind, I skipped ahead and he changed it back to head we model in 课时01:头部建模. He used it in 课时17:原理化着色.

  5. your table of contents translations in this page is misaligned. lesson 1 should be the head modeling, lesson 2 phisical modeling, etc.

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