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Designing Better Characters with Wouter Gort

Release date:2021

Author:Wouter Gort

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Create iconic characters from scratch.
Learn professional workflows to design characters for films, games, TV shows, and more from renowned concept designer and illustrator Wouter Gort. Covering everything from the fundamentals of character design, prop development, keyframe illustration, and more, this course covers everything you’ll need to know to level up your character workflow.

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Week 1 – Designing Essentials
01-Meet Wouter
02-Breaking Into the Industry
03-Course Overview
04-Finding Your Inspiration
05-Brief Builder Tool
06-Wouters Brief
07-Fleshing Out the Idea
08-Brief Builder Exercise
09-Personal vs Client Work
10-Dealing with Frustration
11-Tools Overview
12-Photoshop Intro
13-Photoshop Actions
14-Perspective Tools
15-Daz 3D
17-Fusion 360
18-Daz 3D to Blender Plugin
19-Character Transfer
20-Design Principles
22-Shape Theory
23-3-Dimensional Shapes
24-Object Studies
25-Designing a Shape
26-Shapes Exercise
27-Detail Functions
28-Detail and Form
29-Detail Placement
30-Detail Exercise
32-Color Exercise
35-Reference Exercise
36-Character Sketches

Week 2 – Character Design
01-Lesson Overview
02-Building the Model
03-Posing in Blender
04-Character Sketch
05-Sketch Breakdown
06-Sketching Exercise
07-Line Art
08-Local Colors
10-Posing in Daz 3D
11-Layer Structure
12-Base Character
13-Choosing Costumes

Week 3 – Prop Design
01-Lesson Overview
02-Notes on Prop Design
03-Designing in Photoshop
04-Blocking in Color
05-2D Prop Breakdown
06-2D Prop Exercise
07-Choosing Software
08-Blocking the Arm
09-Main Shapes
10-Arm Details
11-Finishing the Model
12-Exporting from Fusion 360
13-Blender Setup
14-Notes on Texturing
15-Finalizing Materials
16-Exporting Arm Renders
18-Small Details
19-Why 2D and 3D#
21-Blocking the Rifle
22-Rifle Interior
23-Simple Rig
24-Refining the Interior
25-Exporting Rifle Renders
26-Clown Pass
27-Rifle Line Art
28-Flat Colors
29-Rifle Lighting
30-Rifle Post-Processing
31-Interior Illustration
33-Full Fusion 360 Timelapse

Week 4 – Final Illustrations
01-Lesson Overview
03-Rough Sketching
04-Rough Sketching Exercise
05-Robot Arm Rig
06-Combining in Blender
07-Posing the Action Shot
08-Illustrating the Character
09-Illustrating the Background
10-Adding Washes
11-Changing the Composition
12-Base Illustration
13-Composition Tweaks
14-Material Indication
17-General Tips

[Learn Squared] Designing Better Characters with Wouter Gort_Subtitles.7z

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  1. My deepest thanks to whoever shared this! I’d been wanting to learn from this course for over a year, but couldn’t afford it. I literally jumped in my seat when I saw it on the front page.

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