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Shader Development from Scratch for Unity with Cg


Release date:2022, August

Duration:10 h 26 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This course offers a comprehensive guide to programming with Cg and High Level Shader Language in Unity’s Shaderlab, enabling you to create custom visual surface effects for coloring and lighting game objects. It explores the mathematics of light and surfaces, guiding you through the recreation of popular shaders. The curriculum covers essential rendering knowledge, providing a toolkit for developing transparent, animated, and textured shaders.

Penny, with over 25 years of experience in games and graphics, employs her internationally acclaimed teaching style to teach you the skills necessary to program the computer graphics pipeline in Unity from scratch. The course, designed as if taught to post-graduate university students, delves into rendering queues, vector mathematics, graphics buffers, color theory, 3D meshes, texture mapping, lighting models, and more.

Key topics covered include:
  • Variables and packed arrays
  • Meshes, vertices, and UVs
  • Mathematics for working in 3D and 2D spaces
  • Various lighting models and effects like bump maps
  • Special effects such as holographic displays and surface deformations
  • Graphics buffers in the rendering pipeline
  • Forward and deferred lighting
  • Surface, vertex, and fragment shaders in CG/HLSL
  • Volumetric rendering
Contents and Overview:

After creating your first shader, the course explores how 3D models are structured and utilized within shader code. It covers shader properties, their control through code, and values fed through Unity’s Inspector. Lighting models, surface textures, rendering queues, vector mathematics, transparency, and blending are thoroughly examined through hands-on workshops.

The course then progresses to complex shaders, including animated plasma and water with waves, bringing together all the skills learned. Finally, volumetric shaders are covered, guiding you to create special effects like fake geometry, fog, and clouds.

Student testimonials highlight the course’s effectiveness in bridging experience gaps, offering clear and concise tutorials, and providing a profound understanding of shader writing. Students appreciate the course’s practical approach and Penny’s teaching style, making learning enjoyable and accessible.

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01. Introduction

01. Welcome
02. Join the H3D Student Community
05. The Rendering Pipeline
06. Your First Surface Shader

02. Shader Essentials

01. Variables and Packed Arrays
02. The Anatomy of a Mesh and Shader Input
03. Shader Properties

03. Illuminating Surfaces

01. Lambert & Lighting
02. Normal Mapping
05. Illumination Models
06. Bumped Environments
08. Buffers and Queues

04. The Dot Product

01. The Dot Product
03. Rim Lighting
04. Logical Cutoffs

05. Lighting

01. Lighting Models
02. Blinn-Phong Lighting & Surface Output
03. Physically-Based Rendering
04. Challenge 1
05. Challenge 2
06. Writing Your Own Lighting Model

06. Passes & Blending

01. The Alpha Channel
02. Holograms
03. Blending
04. Leaves and Culling
05. Blending Two Images
06. Stencil Buffer
07. Advanced Stencils

07. Writing Vertex and Fragment Shaders

01. The Anatomy of a VertexFragment Shader
02. Colouring by Vertices and Fragments
03. Material Use
04. Lighting
05. Shadows

08. Advanced Effects

01. Vertex Extruding
02. Outlining
03. Glass
04. Waves
05. Scrolling Textures
07. Plasma

09. Volumetric Rendering

01. Ray Marching
02. More on Ray Marching
03. Spherical Fog
04. Rendering Fog Density P1
05. Rendering Fog Density P2
06. Volumetric Clouds Value Noise
07. Programming Value Noise P1
08. Programming Value Noise P2
09. Programming Value Noise P3
10. Integrating Colours and Depth
11. Enhanced Noise
12. Clouds On Camera P1
13. Clouds On Camera P2
14. Clouds On Camera P3
15. Clouds On Camera P4

10. Final Words

01. Where to Now

[Udemy] Shader Development from Scratch for Unity with Cg.7z.rar

[Udemy] Shader Development from Scratch for Unity with Cg_Subtitles.7z

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