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Photoshop – Quick & Easy Digital Painting like a Professional by Kristen Palana


Release date:2023, August

Duration:02 h 57 m

Author:Kristen Palana

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This course offers a swift yet effective approach to crafting unique digital paintings and illustrations using Adobe Photoshop or similar software. In just a few minutes, you’ll produce professional-looking artworks suitable for online use, in videos, animations, or for printing on various products like posters, letterheads, and even apparel like T-shirts.

Even if you’re unfamiliar with drawing, this course is designed to empower you with techniques to create compelling images. Many successful graphic designers leverage similar methods, complementing their work with essential design principles like layout, composition, color, typography, and visual literacy.

By acquiring these skills, you’ll save money by producing your own distinctive digital images and illustrations instead of outsourcing. Moreover, these techniques can pave the way for potential income opportunities, allowing you to create professional-grade images for others. As you gain proficiency, you’ll find yourself generating these illustrations swiftly, potentially establishing a side business crafting these artworks for clients on platforms like Fiverr, Elance, and various freelancing websites.

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01. Introduction and Welcome

01. Introduction
03. What do you Need to Start This Course
04. What Sorts of Digital Paintings Can You Make in Photoshop Let Us Count the Ways

02. Diving Into Photoshop and Its Painting Tools

01. Learn or Review Setting Up a New File and Choosing Important Document Settings
02. Get the Rundown on Important Windows, Tools, and Brushes in Photoshop
03. Introducing My Good Friend the Mixer Brush Tool
04. Not Your Average Eraser. Painterly Ways to Use This Common Tool in Photoshop

03. Time For Action. Let’s Make a Digital Painting Together!

02. How to Get an Original Photo and More About The Techniques We Use In This Course
03. Pit Stop. Why Using Layers Will Up Your Art-Making Game x1000
04. Ready Lets Start By Placing a Photo, Modyfying It, and Saving As
05. Time to Add Our Underpainting. Lets Roll.
06. Now Lets Add an Overpainting (You Can Have as Many of These As You Want)
07. Line It Up! Adding a Black Line Drawing Layer to the Mix
08. Deconstruction Time. Erase and Eat Into the Original Photograph
09. Polishing and Finishing Up Using Sponge, Dodge, and Burn Tools to Finalize
10. Timelapse Illustration With Steps Variation -Review and Case Study

04. Intermediate and Advanced Ways You Can Use These Techniques (Case Study)

01. Advanced Illustration Techniques (Childrens Book Case Study)
02. Under the Hood Inside a Lori Leak Illustration (Case Study)
05. Utilize the Power of Time to Make Better Designs -Case Study

05. Extras The only tools you need to know in Photoshop & Starting Your Own E-Store

01. Extra How to Up Your Game With Stunning New Photoshop Brushes
02. Extra 5 Easy & Free Tools to Free Your Creative Soul
03. Extra Remove Text or an Object from a Photo FREE (and fast!)

07. Conclusion, Thank You, and Bonuses

01. Thank You For Taking This Course!

[Udemy] Photoshop – Quick & Easy Digital Painting like a Professional by Kristen Palana.7z

[Udemy] Photoshop – Quick & Easy Digital Painting like a Professional by Kristen Palana_Subtitles.7z

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