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The Ultimate Blender 3D Environments Course


Release date:2021, May 12

Author:Alex Cordebard

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Learn 3D Environment creation with the popular 3D program “Blender”

Want to learn 3D Environment creation with Blender? In this course we will be creating 4 awesome environments:

– A Forest Scene

– A Desert Scene

– A Snow Scene

– A Cave Scene

Learn How to Create Environments With Blender

The COMPLETE workflow:

– Modeling

– Texturing

– Particles

– Addons

– Compositing

& More!

Watch online or Download for Free

01 Making The Forest Environment
001 Blocking Out The Land
002 Making The Rocks
003 Making The Cliffs
004 Making The House Part 1
005 Making The House Part 2
006 Texturing The Ground
007 Adding Water
008 Making The Trees
009 Creating Alpha Trees
010 Particle Systems
011 Creating Grass
012 Volumetrics
013 Lighting With Sky Texture
014 Adding Subsurface Scattering
015 Rendering and Compositing

02 Creating A Desert Environment
001 Making The Desert Environment
002 Lighting With Sky Texture
003 Adding Cliffs With ANT
004 Adding Grass
005 Adding Volumetrics
006 Depth of Field
007 Adding Rocks to Our Scene
008 Adding Dust
009 Rendering And Compositing

03 Making the Snow Environment
001 Making The Landscape
002 Making The Cliffs
003 Adding Rocks
004 Using Real Snow to Add Snow
005 Making The Cabin Part 1
006 Making The Cabin Part 2
007 Lighting Our Scene
008 Adding Trees
009 Making Ice
010 Detailing The Snow
011 Rendering And Compositing

04 Making The Temple Environment
001 Sculpting The Cave
002 Texturing The Cave
003 Adding Rocks
004 Making Stalactites
005 Making Trees
006 Making The Temple
007 Making The Temple Part 2
008 Lighting Our Scene
009 Displacement Maps
010 Setting Up Depth of Field
011 Detailing The Temple
012 Rendering and Compositing

05 Making The Scifi Environment
001 Blocking Out Scifi Room
002 Making The Scifi Floor
003 Making The Cieling
004 Making The Walls
005 Texturing Our Scene
006 Holographic Landscape
007 Making The Ceiling
008 Making The Door
009 Adding Detail
010 Lighting and Compositing

[Udemy] The Ultimate Blender 3D Environments Course_Subtitles.7z
[Udemy] The Ultimate Blender 3D Environments Course.7z

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  1. There has been some changes in mediafile and there are restricted permissions for the files. Im a paid user, and the permissions are set to “view only”. I checked all of the courses i wanted to get, and it is like this in most of them.
    Can’t see download for videos and project files won’t download.

    Any solution to this?

  2. Downloading restricted. Please contact the file owner to request they enable downloading.

    And the user who has all the files starts with “S*****”. Maybe they need to go through every file and enable downloads for paid users.

    Thank you for your efforts guys!

  3. says
    Downloading restricted. Please contact the file owner to request they enable downloading.

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