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Crafting Dazzling Semi-Real Characters and Cut Scenes [Coloso, SHIROGUMI INC., GBC Dub]


Release date:2024, January 19


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Exclusive expertise revealed by SHIROGUMI INC.! Creating professional semi-realistic characters using Blender

SHIROGUMI INC., known for producing numerous acclaimed works such as ALWAYS: Sunset on Third Street, Shin Godzilla, and Stand by Me Doraemon, has received numerous awards both domestically and internationally.

In this class, Lead Modeling Artist at SHIROGUMI INC. Masayuki Hirano will teach you how to complete semi-realistic characters using Blender and ZBrush.

First, through model creation in ZBrush, students will learn the foundational sculpting techniques for creating semi-realistic characters. Once the model is complete, you will use Blender to acquire skills in retopology and modeling techniques to create faces and hairstyles, as well as accessories and other details.

Next, the class will cover the application of realistic textures using Substance Painter and highlight key points in rigging creation using Blender. Finally, the class will guide you in adding lighting and animation and teach you how to composite using After Effects, allowing you to complete a finished work with a curated atmosphere.

Experience the secrets to creating professional semi-realistic characters and cinematic cut scenes under the tutelage of SHIROGUMI INC., prolific creators of numerous works, right now on Coloso!

7 Class Exercises:​

Sculpting semi-realistic characters
Retopology in Blender
Texture creation for semi-realistic characters
Applying rigging
From lighting and rendering to material output
Compositing with After Effects
Final completed work

Class Highlights​

Basic Knowledge in Character Stylization Sculpting:
The class will include explanations with reference to anatomy materials, covering aspects like eye position, depth, balance when viewed from above, and the sculpting of the ears and nose. Additionally, you’ll be introduced to techniques for omitting sculpting that are unique to deformation and for making characters look professional.
Skills in Creating Semi-realistic Characters Using Blender:
The class will follow a series of steps from the process of moving characters in Blender to lighting and output. You’ll also learn the process of efficiently outputting materials by using render layers.
Basic Compositing Work Using After Effects:
Students will learn how to use materials output from Blender to advance the creation of atmospheric drawings. Using basic After Effects functions, students will be challenged to create drawings using material composition and effects.

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