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100-Chapter Intro to Creating Cute 3D Characters in Blender [Coloso, Dalbum, GBC Dub]


Release date:2024, February


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

An All-in-One Blender Class to Master the Entire Process of Character Animation

With this course, you’ll have a solid foundation of all the processes and fundamentals of working with 3D characters.
Over 40 hand-picked exercises will take you from modeling and rigging your characters to creating and rendering tightly composed animations.

Create your portfolio to showcase your character designs and build your brand design.
While enjoying iterating and adapting different styles, you’ll be designing and filming your characters before you know it.
Coloso’s class is the only place you can learn how to produce quality results with minimal features and techniques.

Part 1. Step-by-Step Modeling to Conquer the Basics​

Table Clock and Chair
Robot Character
Wild Horse Modeling
Flower Vase
Onion Group

Part 2. Animation That Brings Characters to Life​

Flying Plump Bee
Jumping Slime
Solar System Looping
Mr. Mushroom
Alien Summoning Animation
Pig in a Rabbit Suit
Shapeshifting Rabbit
Lightbulb Character Animation
Clay Frog
Novice Hero
Furry Monster
Metallic, Glass, Clay Materials, Cartoon and Hair Particles

Part 3. To Blender 3D Icon Motion Graphics:​

3D Icons
Cell Phone Motion Graphic
Game Item Box
Various Facial Expressions

Project 1. Intro Motion Graphic:​

Planning/Concept Designing
Main Modeling
Rough Animation
Animation Scene
Intro Motion Graphic 1. Factory World

Project 2. 3D Shorts Animation:

Concept Ideation
Animatics (Grease Pencil)
Animation (Before Material) C72
Animation Scene
Shorts Animation 2. Circus World

Class Highlights​

Blender and 3D Graphic Textbook for Beginners!
Don’t worry if you know nothing about 3D graphics. We will teach you the most essential features and efficient processes at a beginner’s level to guide you in making over 40 exercises from a single video.
Character Edition: A to Z Of Character Creation:
From a variety of exercises, including human, animal, star, robot, object, and plant types, to distinct design techniques, like cute, block, cartoon types, and more, learn how to design your character! You can go beyond simple modeling and learn animation techniques, bringing life to the character’s individuality and emotions.
Final Project Exercises With Motion & Animation, Going Beyond Modeling!
Once you’ve completed the high-quality individual characters, props, and backgrounds, it’s time to make them whole. Use your bouncy characters to practice movement-rich intro motion graphics and animations. Before you know it, you’re already creating stunning and efficient 3D work.

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