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Adobe After Effects – Infographics & data visualization


Release date:2020, June

Duration:02 h 00 m

Author:Nshuti Paulin

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Hello Nshuti Paulin! It’s great to meet you, and your course on infographics and data visualization in After Effects sounds fantastic. As a motion graphics designer, you’ll be able to provide valuable knowledge and guidance to your students.
Here’s a brief overview of the topics you’ll cover in your course:

  • Creating a project for infographics in After Effects.
  • Adding backgrounds to your compositions in After Effects.
  • Finding free icons for your infographics.
  • Animating icons in After Effects.
  • Utilizing motion blur for smoother animations.
  • Implementing overshoot animations for added impact.
  • Animating text in After Effects.
  • Incorporating pop and whoosh sound effects into your animations.
  • Creating timeline animations in After Effects.
  • Developing gradient backgrounds for visual appeal.
  • Constructing seamless backgrounds in After Effects.
  • Adding infographics to animated backgrounds.
  • Creating pie charts in After Effects.
  • Crafting animated world maps in After Effects.
  • Rendering your compositions in the render queue.
  • Using Adobe Media Encoder for rendering.
  • Creating animated GIFs.
  • Providing support through the Questions and Answers section.

It’s clear that your course covers a comprehensive range of topics, catering to beginners with no prior experience in VFX compositing or motion graphics in After Effects. By the end of your course, students will have the skills to create engaging and visually appealing infographics animations. Best of luck with your course, and I’m sure your students will benefit greatly from your expertise!

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