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3D Asset Production by Mihailo Radosevic

Release date:2019, May

Author:Mihailo Radosevic

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this comprehensive course led by esteemed 3D generalist Mihailo Radosevic, you will dive headfirst into a full 3D production pipeline. Mihailo will guide you through the essential aspects of modeling, texturing, and rendering, sharing his proven techniques and expertise.

The course will start with the fundamentals of 3D modeling, teaching you the core principles and techniques necessary to create detailed and accurate 3D assets. You will learn various modeling methods and tools, allowing you to tackle a wide range of objects and environments.

Moving on to texturing, Mihailo will share his insights on creating realistic and visually appealing textures for your 3D models. You will explore different texturing techniques, including UV unwrapping, procedural texturing, and the use of texture maps. Mihailo will also cover the process of creating materials that accurately represent the properties of different surfaces, adding depth and realism to your renders.

Rendering is a crucial step in bringing your 3D creations to life, and Mihailo will guide you through this process as well. You will learn about different rendering engines and their settings, understanding how to achieve the desired look and feel for your projects. Mihailo will also share tips and tricks for optimizing render times and enhancing the overall quality of your renders.

Throughout the course, Mihailo’s emphasis will be on practical application and providing you with a solid foundation in the 3D production pipeline. You will have the opportunity to work on hands-on projects and apply the techniques learned to create your own 3D assets.

By the end of the course, you will have gained a comprehensive understanding of the 3D production pipeline, including modeling, texturing, and rendering. You will have acquired the skills and knowledge to create visually stunning 3D assets and bring your creative ideas to life in the digital realm.

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1. Introduction
1. Intro

Course Overview
Lesson Overview
Meet Mihailo

2. 3DS Max Fundamentals

Adding Shortcuts
Copies, Instances & References
Graphite Tools
Scene Organization
Scripts& Plug ins
Transformation & Selection
Working with Geometry
Working with Splines

3. Workflow

Briefing Workflow
Concept Art Pipeline
File Naming and Organizing Workflow
Pipelines Breakdown
Zbrush Pipeline

4. Homework


2. Modeling
1. Intro

Lesson Overview Modeling
Setting up Our references

2. Modeling

Blocking out the Head
Detailing the Head
Problem Solving

3. UVing

Expanding on the Basics
Final UV Packing
Mirror, Weld & Flip
Packing for High Poly
Packing for Low poly
UV Basics
UVing of the Assets

4. Conclusion

Homework Modeling

5. Bonus Materials

Blocking out the Head Bonus
Detailing the Head Bonus
Detailing the Wall Bonus
Final Detailing Bonus
Further Detailing the Head Bonus
Refining the Wall Bonus

3. Texturing
1. Intro

Lesson Overview Texturing

2. Intro to Substance Painter

Importing The Asset
Substance Painter Basics
Texture Basics

3. Texturing in Substance Painter

Exporting Textures


Homework Texturing

4. Rendering
1. Intro

Import Assets & set up IDs
Lesson Overview Rendering

2. Rendering

Final Lights & Fog
Final Set up
Setting up Materials
Setting up Our Camera
Setting up our Lights
Setting up Our Scene

3. Conclusion

Final Render
Homework Rendering

[Learn Squared] 3D Asset Production by Mihailo Radosevic.7z.001.rar
[Learn Squared] 3D Asset Production by Mihailo Radosevic.7z.002.rar
[Learn Squared] 3D Asset Production by Mihailo Radosevic.7z.003.rar
[Learn Squared] 3D Asset Production by Mihailo Radosevic.7z.004.rar
[Learn Squared] 3D Asset Production by Mihailo Radosevic.7z.005.rar
[Learn Squared] 3D Asset Production by Mihailo Radosevic_Subtitles.7z

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