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Creating a Custom 3D Kit for Concept Art by Jose Vega


Release date:2023, December

Duration:05 h 44 m

Author:Jose Vega

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Learn the step-by-step process of creating a 3D kit, gaining insights and techniques to fully exploit the potential of 3D kit creation. Find inspiration to produce impressive images, covering everything from generating initial ideas and collecting references to handling prep work and finalizing concept art in Photoshop. This comprehensive guide encompasses the creation of 3D kit assets, ranging from modeling and texturing individual assets to assembling complex pieces and building entire scenes. Explore how to effectively use these assets to construct final illustrations.

The instructed workflow provides a thorough approach to asset creation and scene development, commencing with hand painting, bashing plants, and utilizing Blender texture nodes to generate individual assets. These assets are then transformed into a versatile kit using Blender techniques such as mirroring and deformers, progressing from simpler to more intricate components.

Once a substantial asset library is established, the focus shifts to conceptualizing building assets, involving the application of straightforward Photoshop painting techniques to refine the final concept. The subsequent phase entails constructing a complete scene using the compiled kit. Additional techniques include simple modeling and sculpting in ZBrush, along with the utilization of VR through Gravity Sketch, transitioning to assembling the scene in Blender with the developed kit.

The process concludes with a refined approach to lighting, rendering, and finalizing the image in Photoshop. This 6-hour workshop is recommended for artists with a basic understanding of concept art, 3D, and intermediate Photoshop skills. The structured methodology ensures a cohesive and professional outcome throughout the asset creation and scene development process.

Jose Vega, Concept Artist, and Tucker Roche, 3D Artist & Designer, have each accumulated over a decade of industry experience and are the founders of Absorb 3D. Subscribers to this workshop receive Medieval Asian .blend sample assets to incorporate into their artworks.

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