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Design and Color Characters with Nature-Inspired Color Palettes on Clip Studio Paint by BF (자연을 닮은 색감으로 칠하는 클립스튜디오 캐릭터 일러스트, Korean, Eng sub)


Release date:2022

Duration:10 h 06 m

Author: Class101

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Learn How to Design and Draw Your Own Anime Characters With a Tablet.

[Class101] Clip Studio Character Illustration painted with colors resembling nature by BF


Bringing your characters to life by adding them to the world around us can be a unique and imaginative experience. Each character has its own personality and story, and adding them to a specific location can bring these aspects to life in a new and exciting way. So, take a walk in your neighborhood and let your imagination run wild. Find a special place that you would like to add your character to and see what story it tells!


Learn how to create characters with the basics of digital drawing, including anatomy, proportions, and shading techniques. In addition, discover various techniques for coloring and texturing, including how to create natural and organic color combinations. With the skills you learn in this class, you’ll be able to bring your characters to life in a unique and nature-inspired way. So, if you’re ready to take your character design skills to the next level, sign up now!


This class focuses on finding your personal inspiration and building a strong foundation in digital drawing techniques. From character design to perspective and color theory, the goal is to help you develop your own style and bring your imagination to life. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your skills, this class will provide you with the tools and guidance to create artwork that reflects your unique vision and passions.

Table of Contents

1. Meet Your Instructor: BF
2. Setting up your workspace
3. 📌For Users Based in Korea Only📌

1 Introduction to Clip Studio
1. Basic interface and tools
2. Understanding the layers
3. Applying Material and 3D function features

2 Let’s Draw Characters
1. Human anatomy and deformation
2. Head structures and facial features
3. How to draw hair
4. How to practice human body drawing
5. How to express wrinkles and contrast of clothing

3 Adding props to your illustration
1. Brainstorming and laying out the ideas
2. Sketching
3. Rough and basic coloring
4. Character coloring (1)
5. Character coloring (2)
6. Adding the props
7. Final touches

4 Creating the atmosphere using backgrounds
1. Understanding the different points of perspective
2. In a cafe: sketching the background
3. In a cafe: cleaning up the lines

5 Coloring the seasons
1. Complimentary color combinations and rough coloring
2. In a cafe: character drawing (1)
3. In a cafe: character drawing (2)
4. In a cafe: backgrounds
5. In a cafe: final touches
6. BONUS: A winter’s night in a cafe

6 Everyday life illustration 1
1. Finding the perfect composition
2. Lighting and shading the building
3. Rendering plants (1)
4. Rendering plants (2)
5. Coloring characters

7 Everyday life illustration 2
1. Rendering building 1 – brick house
2. Rendering building 2 – windows and other objects
3. Color correcting and final touches
4. BONUS: “Finishing” the work

8 Drawing illustration based on photos
1. Using a perspective ruler (1): locating the characters on the photo
2. Using a perspective ruler (2): shaping and shading
3. Finding the perfect backgrounds for the character
4. Color correcting and finishing up the illustration

1. Bonus : The story of the illustrator
2. Find your taste step by step


Watch online or Download for Free
00 WELCOME – I draw illustrations that harmonize with nature

00.0 Introducing the class of BF
00.1 Installing the work environment and clip studio
00.2 Where coaching rights can help

01 Learn about Clip Studio

01.1 Basic interface and tools
01.2 Understanding Layers
01.3 Material download and 3D function

02 Let’s draw a character

02.1 Human body structure and deformation
02.2 head and facial features
02.3 Expression of hair and line drawing of the head
02.4 How to practice human body drawing
02.5 Clothing wrinkles and contrast expression

03 Illustrations decorated with characters and props

03.1 what do i want to draw ideation and layout
03.2 sketching
03.3 Color rough and basic color painting
03.4 Coloring the character (1)
03.5 Coloring the character (2)
03.6 Decorate the screen with props
03.7 Props and lighting correction and finishing

04 Let’s express the mood with the background

04.1 About 1, 2, 3 point perspective
04.2 Cafe scene – sketching the background
04.3 Scenery of a cafe – Drawing background line art

05 color of the season

05.1 Stable color combination and color rough
05.2 Coloring the Cafe Scenery – Character (1)
05.3 Coloring the Cafe Scenery – Character (2)
05.4 Coloring the landscape of the cafe – background
05.5 Coloring the landscape of the cafe – finish
05.6 BONUS Winter night cafe

06 Drawing illustrations that feel everyday life 1

06.1 Organizing the screen
06.2 Expressing the shading of a building
06.3 Expressing plants (1)
06.4 Expressing plants (2)
06.5 character coloring

07 Drawing illustrations that feel everyday life 2

07.1 Expressing a building 1 – Expressing a brick house
07.2 Representing buildings 2 – windows and other objects
07.3 Color correction and finishing
07.4 BONUS How many times do you have to draw to finish

08 Drawing illustrations based on photos

08.1 Setting perspective and placing characters on a photo
08.2 Shaping and expressing contrast using a perspective ruler
08.3 Describing the background that suits the character
08.4 Color correction and finishing

09 OUTRO Congratulations on your hard work!

09.1 Bonus Story of an illustrator
09.2 Step by step, find my taste.

[Class101] Clip Studio Character Illustration painted with colors resembling nature by BF_Subtitles.7z
[Class101] Design and Color Characters with Nature-Inspired Color Palettes on Clip Studio Paint (Korean, Eng sub)_Subtitles.7z


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