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Cartoon style VFX animation expressed with Blender by Hiroshi Kanazawa (Japanese, Eng sub, Chinese hardsub)


Release date:2022

Duration:23 h 24 m

Author:Hiroshi Kanazawa

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

No more manual drawings, now you can easily create 2D cartoon-style effects with Blender, a free 3D tool! The fact that you can implement these effects with ease is a game-changer. Not only can you create effects featuring natural objects such as lightning and fireworks, but you can also add a touch of abstract elements like materials and particle effects to your designs. With step-by-step guidance from Japanese 3D CG creator Hiroshi Kanazawa, you have the freedom to create any effect you desire.

Learn the core functions of Blender by understanding the flow of 3D and animation production, including various expressions such as VFX and filters that add functionality and color. By understanding the structure of effects, you can freely combine multiple materials and break free from the constraints of 2D and 3D, making it useful in the field of video such as movies and MV. We will continually develop the ability to produce effects animation that will be used.

Сlass information:
21 video
Lectures Duration:
About 35 minutes per episode
Beginners and Intermediate
Program used:

Video information:
Audio: Japanese
Subtitle: English, Chinese

  1. 10 example files
  2. 4 texture files
  3. 1 modeling data
  4. 6 reference materials

This course focuses on the essential VFX for action scenes in 3D animation production. Taught by experienced 3D CG creators who specialize in the field of Japanese 3D animation, the course covers various techniques for creating visually striking special effects using Blender, including advanced nodes, professional texture creation methods, different types of modifiers, compositing, and rendering skills. It also teaches 2D animation techniques for creating impactful effects that can add “kick” to your work.

Hi, I am Kanazawa Hiroshi, a 3D CG creator. I have experience as a graphic designer and also create videos such as movies, 3D CG animations, PVs, and MVs using Blender. I am also active on social media. My specialty is animation using Toon Shading, but I strive every day to find new possibilities for expression. Through this class, I would like to share various VFX production techniques and tips that have captivated my heart in 3D animation.

In this class, you will learn the basics of using Blender, as well as advanced techniques for manipulating nodes to create advanced visual effects. You will be taught the basic usage of Blender, as well as the various node configuration techniques that can be used beyond modeling. This will help you to be skilled in advanced expressions. The course will also cover the core concepts of the node system, which may seem difficult to beginner students, and make it easy to learn.

This course teaches how to effectively create various types of effects in Blender, including realistic effects like fire and smoke, as well as practical effects like texturing and material effects, particle systems, and more. The course covers a wide range of Blender’s features and helps you create practical and useful effects. Additionally, the course covers elements that have high utility such as background and logo animations.

This course teaches the steps in the process of creating high-quality animation works with a focus on cartoon-style VFX. It covers all techniques from item placement to timing, animation, compositing, and rendering, and delves into each step to enhance the 2D/3D VFX skills. The course aims to provide a detailed understanding of the process for creating great animation and help participants improve their skills.


Table of Contents


Section 01. Intro

01. Orientation
Introduction to lectures and curriculum

Section 02. Introduction to Blender

02. Essential 3D concepts
Learn 3D Basics
object component
Materials, Normals, and Weights

03. Basic tools
Screen composition and purpose
Operation and initial setting method

04. Model production and output
Making Simple Modeling
Frequently Used Modifiers
process to output

Section 03. Expression through material nodes

05. Materials and Nodes
Getting to Know the Material Node
Live action and cel shading

06. Textures and UVs
image texture
Texture coordinates and mapping
UV spread

07. Procedural Pattern
Primary node configuration
procedural texture
various patterns

08. Texture animation
Set keyframes on nodes
Text animation using textures

09. Material Effect
Create an effect material
Implementing behavior through combinations

10. Set up space
HDR background
Creating a Starry Sky with Nodes

Section 04. How to use various functions

11. Modifier
displace modifier
Modifiers available
lightning and sparks

12. Particles
particle system
Particle Flow Manipulation

13. Physics Simulation
Randomly Explode Objects
Learn about Rigid Body
Collision and destruction between objects

14. Random placement of objects
How to use a general-purpose geometry node

15. 2DVFX
How to Express Toon Shading Explosions
Clouds from explosion smoke

Section 05. Material combination and completion

16. Scene and View Layers
Purpose of view layer
scene usage

17. Animation style video
Animated Material
Character and camera animation

18. Material Placement
Partitioning collections and setting up parent/child relationships
Placing background objects
Alembic export and import

19. Animation adjustments
animated movie
graph editor

20. Effects and Completion
Applying effects
explosion effect
camera shake

21. Composite Nodes and Rendering
composite node


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    • Try transfer the zip/rar file to your smartphone and use ZArchiver app. Trust me that app is stronger than WinRAR and 7z 😊. Let me if it works

    • Try transfer the zip/rar file to your smartphone and use ZArchiver app. Trust me that app is stronger than WinRAR and 7z 😊. Let me if it works

  1. The compressed file is not complete. When you extract 001 compressed files and 002 compressed files, it is another 001 compressed file

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