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Advanced Masking in Lightroom Classic


Release date:2022, February 7

Author:Aaron Nace

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Learn to use the new advanced masking tools in Lightroom Classic to bring your photos to life! Select your subject, sky, light range and color range to edit specific parts of your images.

Is your subject too dark? Now you can target a person a lighten them, while leaving the background alone. Is the sky overexposed? Edit just the sky to bring back color and detail. The possibilities are endless.

Color Correction
Learn to target specific colors and adjust them to better suit your images. This can be used to correct skin tones, color casts or even to completely change the color of objects.

Combine & Conqueror
Add, subtract and intersect the new masking tool in Lightroom Classic to enhance selections and edit specific areas of your images. For instance, you can select your subject, then just the skin of the person and then color correct their skin without effecting any other areas of your image.

Follow Along
Use the included sample images to follow along with the tutorial and then practice on your own images once you have mastered the techniques.

Fix Blown Out Skies
Use “Select Sky” to get an accurate mask of just the sky in your images and then add more detail by adjusting the color and the exposure. For more control, bring it into Photoshop and replace the sky!

Edit the Subject & Background Separately
One of the advantages of the new masking tools is that you can target either your subject or your background and work on them individually. This allows you to create stunning images and draw more attention to your subject.

Non Destructive Editing
Did you know that any changes you make in Lightroom Classic can be undone at any time? Feel free to try new things and make creative edits without worrying about messing up your original image.

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