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Beginner’s Guide to Creature Creation for Games

Release date:2020, August 28

Author:Nexttut Education Pvt.Ltd.

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Not Provided

Are you a beginner and want to create a game character from scratch and take that to a game engine ?

If that is the case then I welcome you to Nexttut Education´s Begginers Guide to Creature Creation for Games.

Instructor : My name is Abraham Leal, I am 3D Artist and producer and I have 8 years of experience in the industry. Currently I lead my own studio Critical Hit where we design and produce projects for the entertainment Industry.

What you can do at the end : At the end of this course, you will able to recreate a 3D Character from a concept. You will understand all the necessary steps to create the Anatomy, Props, Animation Ready topoloogy, UVs, Textures and Materials needed for a final professional look in Unreal Engine 4.

In this Course, we will be covering:

Maya Modelling

Zbrush Sculpting



UV Mapping


Rendering with Unreal Engine 4

Cinematic Lighting

Post Production

I will start the course by teaching you the basics of Maya and Zbrush. We will then jump into creating our high poly Character as well as all the props and weapons. We will then jump to Maya and Retopologize everything to meet the game engines guidelines. After that we will texture our character in substance painter using several of my favorite techniques. To finalize we will create a small scene using Unreal Engine 4 and we will add some cinematic lighting to our project.

Who should enroll : I have designed this course for beginner level students and artists who want to learn the complete pipeline that we use to create a character for games. However if you already know the basics i am sure you can learn a lot of useful tips and tricks along the way. In this course i will be using Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop and Unreal Engine 4, so be sure to have all of them installed to follow properly.

Enroll now and take your 3d Character skills to the next level!

Watch online or Download for Free

01 Introduction
01 Intro to the Project
02 Introduction to Maya
03 Modelling Basics Part 1
04 Modelling Basics Part 2
05 Modelling Basics Part 3

02 Introduction to Zbrush
06 Introduction To Zbrush
07 Sculpting Basics Part 1
08 Sculpting Basics Part 2
09 Sculpting Basics Part 3
10 Modeling And Sculpting Workflow

03 Starting our Project
11 Project Description
12 Understanding Proportions
13 Zspheres Base Mesh
14 Working With The Base Mesh

04 Sculpting Anatomy
15 Block In Of The Chest Muscles
16 Block In Of The Back Muscles
17 Anatomy Of The Arm
18 Sculpting Of The Arm
19 Anatomy Of The Legs
20 Sculpting Of The Legs
21 Creation Of Feet And Horns
22 Block In Of The Face
23 Creation Of The Wings
24 Subdivision Method

05 Refining the Sculpture
25 Sculpting Of The Face Part 1
26 Creation Of The Teeth
27 Sculpting Of The Face Part 2
28 Sculpting Of The Horns Part 1
29 Sculpting Of The Horns Part 2
30 Refining Chest And Neck
31 Proportion Fixes
32 Sculpting The Spikes
33 Refining The Arms
34 Refining The Forearms
35 Sculpting The Hands Part 1
36 Sculpting The Hands Part 2
37 Refining The Legs
38 Refining The Lower Leg
39 Creating The Plating
40 Refining The Wings

06 Modelling the Props and Weapons
41 Modelling The Skirt Part 1
42 Modelling The Skirt Part 2
43 Modelling The Skirt Part 3
44 Modelling The Skirt Part 4
45 Modelling The Skirt Part 5
46 Modelling The Skirt Part 6
47 Modelling The Bracer Part 1
48 Modelling The Bracer Part 2
49 Posing The Bracer
50 Finishing The Skirt
51 Modelling The Dagger
52 Modelling The Staff
53 Creating The Wing Membranes
54 Exporting To Zbrush

07 Detailing of the High Polys
55 Sculpting The Dagger
56 Sculpting The Staff Part 1
57 Sculpting The Staff Part 2
58 Sculpting The Staff Part 3
59 Sculpting The Staff Part 4
60 Sculpting The Staff Part 5 1
61 Sculpting The Skirt
62 Sculpting The Bracer
63 Sculpting The Bandages
64 Sculpting The Mouth
65 Detailing The Horns
66 Detailing The Skin
67 Detailing The Hands
68 Detailing The Plating

08 Retopology
69 Preparing The Objects For Retopology
70 Understading Retopology
71 Retopology Of The Dagger
72 Organizing The Main Character
73 Retopology Of The Face Part 1
74 Retopology Of The Face Part 2
75 Retopology Of The Face Part 3
76 Retopology Of The Face Part 4
77 Retopology Of The Chest Part 1
78 Retopology Of The Chest Part 2
79 Retopology Of The Arm
80 Retopology Of The Hand
81 Retopology Of The Leg Part 1
82 Retopology Of The Leg Part 2
83 Retopology Of The Leg Part 3
84 Retopology Of The Foot Part 1
85 Retopology Of The Wings Part 1
86 Retopology Of The Wings Part 2
87 Finalizing The Demon Retopology
88 Retopology Of The Staff Part 1
89 Retopology Of The Staff Part 2
90 Retopology Of The Staff Part 3
91 Retopology Of The Staff Part 4
92 Retopology Of The Staff Part 5
93 Retopology Of The Bracer
94 Retopology Of The Skirt Part 1
95 Retopology Of The Skirt Part 2
96 Retopology Of The Skirt Part 3
97 Retopology Of The Wings
98 Retopology Of Tongue And Teeths

09 UV Mapping
100 Dagger Uvs
101 Staff Uvs Part 1
102 Staff Uvs Part 2
103 Main Character Uvs
104 Understanding Texels And Uv Organization
99 Understanding Uvs

10 PBR Texturing
105 Introduction To Substance And Materials
106 Understanding Bakes And Maps
107 Texturing The Dagger
108 Texturing The Staff Part 1
109 Texturing The Staff Part 2
110 Preparing The Props For Bakes
111 Texturing The Props Part 1
112 Texturing The Props Part 2
113 Preparing The Body For Bakes
114 Body Base Layers
115 Texturing The Skin Part 1
116 Texturing The Skin Part 2
117 Texturing The Skin Part 3
118 Texturing The Mouth
119 Texturing The Horns
120 Texturing The Wings
121 Exporting The Textures

11 Unreal Engine 4, Materials, Lights and Post Production
122 Intro To Marmoset Toolbag
123 Creating The Eyes
124 Introduction To Unreal Engine 4
125 Downloading Assets From The Marketplace
126 Creating Our Scene In Unreal Engine 4
127 Lights And Cameras In Ue4
128 Posing Our Character In Zbrush
129 Finalizing The Scene In Ue4
130 Photoshop Post Processing
131 Bonus Fixing Issues In The Pipeline
132 Bonus Opacity In Ue4

12 Conclusion
133 Project End

[Udemy] Beginners Guide to Creature Creation for Games_Subtitles.7z

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  1. Greetings Admins. As the 9th of September approaches, I am once again asking, for you to upload this course as soon and as possible as you can. This course being uploaded can change not only the whole landscape but the entire world as well. I hope you guys also manage to upload the Basic edition. Thank you guys so much <3

      • Yes sir Please upload it …. I can’t even thank you for that !!!! Ahmed Aldoori’s this course could bring change to any student’s life. Please if possible upload it. We always owe you a big time !!!!

  2. Hello admins. Can you please upload this course, I think it will be very helpful for everyone.
    Thank you for this amazing website really appreciate your hard work.

  3. Hello admin

    Is it possible to upload
    this course.

    This course is already available on internet. But it does not have any audio.

    Please if you can thn upload it. it will be a great help.

    Thank you for your work.

  4. Could you share courses from WingFox? The English ones of course. There are many awesome full 3D courses in wingfox which I did not find anywhere else. Most of them are in foreign language but many are in English. For example- “The Full Creation Workflow of 3D Character Anna”, an awesome character designing course I would love to have but can’t find a free source.
    Also, all courses from Artstation is currently free but the contents are DRM protected, cannot download. If you know a workaround, those courses will be helpful too.

  5. Hello Admin.

    Is it possible to upload this course

    Please upload if you can, it will be of great help to me & many other people.
    And thank you for what you do, you’re helping thousands of people who couldn’t afford courses.

  6. Can you upload “UARTSY – CREATURE CREATION FOR GAMES”? It is old but maybe it is still helpful for someone!
    Thank you so much!

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