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Game Art Tricks by Florian Neumann


Release date:2023, November

Author:Florian Neumann

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Your tutorial series is an extensive exploration of tips and tricks accumulated from years in the gaming industry. It spans various workflows within Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter, offering insights into techniques and shortcuts that enhance the creation process. Here’s a glimpse into the content:

  • Hotkeys, Marking Menus & Shelf Customization
  • Advanced ZBrush Customization
  • Utilizing Maya Bonus Tools
  • ZenTools Integration
  • QuickPipe Techniques
  • Math Applications in Channelbox
  • Advanced PolyRemesh & PolyRetopo Strategies
  • Troubleshooting NaN Issues
  • Scaling Techniques with Cluster Scale
  • InstanceAlongeCurve Application
  • Orthographic & Perspective Image Planes
  • Detailing Levels in Blockouts
  • Bevel Strategies for Highpoly Models
  • Life Surface Approaches for Highpoly Creations
  • Advanced Techniques like Floaters on Complex Surfaces
  • Boolean Workflow between ZBrush & Maya
  • Innovative Uses of ZBrush for Padding & Welding
  • Implementing Locked Camera for Feedback
  • Posing Techniques in ZBrush
  • Duct Tape Creation in Maya
  • Streamlining Support Loop Elimination
  • Organic Lowpoly Model Creation Techniques
  • Precision Modeling using Lattice
  • Hard Edge Transitions to UVs
  • Edit Normals for Hair and Foliage Realism
  • Baking Preparation and Best Practices
  • Understanding Geometry vs. Surface Normals
  • Optimizing Baking for Cylinders
  • Creating Interest through Darken & Lighten Effects
  • Implementing Roughness Breakups
  • Anchors Application in Substance Painter
  • Crafting Tileable Textures in Photoshop
  • Sculpting Tileable Patterns in ZBrush
  • Adding Detail on Stretched UVs
  • Using Detail Textures in Unreal Engine
  • Mixamo Usage for Posing
  • Introduction to CelShading Techniques

Comprising over 40 videos, totaling around 4 hours of content, your tutorial series offers a comprehensive dive into industry-focused techniques and methods, offering a wealth of knowledge for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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