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Creating a Photorealistic Character – Joan of Arc by Mike Hong


Release date:2021

Author:Mike Hong

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

You’ll learn about sculpting in Zbrush, Maya retopology, organic/hard surface modeling in Maya, Substance Painter projection for Skin textures, procedural texture generation for the armor, basic Xgen hair grooming, Arnold lookdev, lighting, and final rendering.
Software: Maya Zbrush Substance Painter Photoshop

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00. Promotion

00. Trailer

01. ZBrush Head Sculpting

01. Sculpting Basic Structure
02. Initial Break Up
03. Scecondary Break Up
04. Tertiary Details
05. Additional Touch Up and Ear Sculpt
06. Hair Sculpting for Placeholder

02. Eye Modeling and Texturing

07. Eye Modeling
08. Eye Texturing
09. Eye Sculpting
10. Eye Shading

03. Head Retopology and UV in Maya

11. Head ReTopo Part A
12. Head ReTopo Part B
13. Head ReTopo Part C
14. Head UV Unwrap

04. ZBrush Head Detailing

15. Head Zbrush Detail Projection
16. Head Texture Projection
17. Head Texture Refinement
18. Head Sculpt Over

05. ZBrush Body Sculpting

19. Zbrush Body Sculpt
20. Zbrush Body Detailing Part A
21. Zbrush Body Detailing Part B and Hand Sculpting
22. Hand Projection with Additional Sculpting

06. Armor Modeling in Maya

23. Armor – Neck Part A
24. Armor – Neck Part B
25. Armor – Torso Part A
26. Armor – Torso Part B
27. Armor – Skirt
28. Armor – Arm Part A
29. Armor – Arm Part B
30. Armor – Leg Part A
31. Armor – Leg Part B
32. Armor – Accessories Part A
33. Armor – Accessories Part B
34. Armor – Model Update Part A
35. Armor – Model Update Part B

07. Armor UV Unwrap

36. Armor UV Unwrap Part A
37. Armor UV Unwrap Part B
38. Armor UV Layout

08. Armor Detailing in ZBrush

39. Armor Sculpt Part A
40. Armor Sculpt Part B
41. Armor Sculpt Part C

09. Armor Painting in Substance Painter

42. Baking Sculpted Maps for Substance Painter
43. Substance Painter – Painting Armor A
44. Substance Painter – Painting Armor B
45. Substance Painter – Painting Armor C
46. Substance Painter – Painting Armor D
47. Substance Painter – Painting Armor E

10. Prop Modeling and Texturing

48. Sword Modeling
49. Sword Texturing
50. Flag Drape in Marvelous Designer and Textuing

11. Hair Grooming in Maya X-Gen

51. XgenHair – Eye Brow and Eye Lash Part A
52. XgenHair – Eye Brow and Eye Lash Part B
53. XgenHair – Front Bang
54. XgenHair – Main Hair Part A
55. XgenHair – Main Hair Part B

12. Look Development in Maya Arnold

56. LookDev Part A
57. LookDev Part B
58. LookDev Part C

13. Lighting and Rendering in Maya Arnold

59. Lighting Part A
60. Lighting Part B
61. Lighting Part C – Final

[Wingfox] Creating a Photorealistic Character – Joan of Arc by Mike Hong.7z
[Wingfox] Creating a Photorealistic Character – Joan of Arc by Mike Hong_Subtitles.7z

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