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Unity 3D 2021 Essential Training

Release date:2021

Author:Emmanuel Henri

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Unity is a powerful interactive development tool for mobile and desktop games, as well as real-time simulations and visualizations. In this course, Emmanuel Henri reviews techniques used in Unity visualizations and development and introduces the basics of level design, lighting, materials, and animation. Emmanuel shows how to set up a project and walks you through the Unity user interface. He demonstrates how to apply materials, add animation to bring your project to life, add post-processing effects, and more. To wrap up, he covers how to package and build a playable project.

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[01] Introduction
[01] Visualize a house project with Unity 2021
[02] What you should know
[03] Exercise files

[02] 1. Setting Up the Unity Project
[01] Installing Unity
[02] Project setup overview
[03] File management and project organization

[03] 2. Understanding the Unity Interface
[01] Intro to the Unity user interface
[02] Customizing the UI
[03] Key navigating shortcuts in Unity
[04] Unity documentation
[05] Unity roadmap

[04] 3. Working with Assets
[01] GameObjects and asset creation
[02] The Asset Store and Package Manager
[03] Guidelines for asset import
[04] Importing assets into Unity

[05] 4. Applying Materials
[01] Introduction to materials
[02] Creating and organizing new materials
[03] Material and texture properties

[06] 5. Prefabs
[01] What are Prefabs
[02] Creating Prefabs
[03] Edit instances of the Prefab
[04] Prefab Variants

[07] 6. Level Building
[01] Introduction to ProBuilder
[02] Exploration of ProBuilder tools
[03] Block the floor with ProBuilder
[04] Finalize materials for objects

[08] 7. Creating and Implementing Animation
[01] Animation basics and editors in Unity
[02] Animator controllers
[03] Physics and rigid bodies

[09] 8. Collisions
[01] Unity collider components
[02] Applying colliders
[03] Optimizing collisions

[10] 9. Adding Audio
[01] Introduction to audio in Unity
[02] Adding ambient sound
[03] The Unity Audio Mixer

[11] 10. Unity Lighting
[01] Directional lighting
[02] Point and spot lights
[03] Area and emissive lighting
[04] Introduction to volumes

[12] 11. Baking Lighting
[01] Introduction to light baking
[02] Object and light parameters for baking
[03] Texels exploration
[04] Adding Light Probes
[05] Adding Reflection Probes
[06] Lightmap results and settings

[13] 12. Post-Processing
[01] Installing the post-processing stack
[02] Post-processing effects exploration
[03] Other quality enhancements

[14] 13. Timeline Creating Cinematics
[01] Intro to the Timeline Editor
[02] Animating with Timeline
[03] Add camera moves

[15] 14. Introduction to Scripting
[01] Introduction to C# programming
[02] Writing the code
[03] Implementing the script

[16] 15. Packaging Your Unity Project
[01] Create a movie
[02] Packaging your scene

[17] Conclusion
[01] Next steps

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