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UE5 Sci-Fi VFX Series – Part 2 – Laser & Plasma Blaster VFX by Jesse Henning


Release date:2023, September

Duration:13 h 29 m

Author:Jesse Henning

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

This is part 2. In a 3-part series, you will learn how to take effect from concept to completion and be ready for gameplay implementation. You will learn about my production pipeline used in many of my FX throughout AA and AAA game production.

In Part 2, you will focus more on weapons FX, how they interact with the world, spawn from player logic and animation montages, and go deeper into video game production practices. We will dive into using various projectiles and collision responses through blueprint logic. We will tackle different ways of handling pellets and focus on troubleshooting methods to help better navigate problems arising in a production environment.

We will dive deeper into materials, exploring more challenging techniques for creating FX and including multiple UV Maps on FX meshes, animating our muzzle flashes with only one parameter, creating more Material Functions, and exposing dynamic and scalar parameters for more profound animation practices for our Niagara Systems.

We will also tackle simulations in Houdini and EmberGen. You will be shown how to pack and export flipbook textures to help you stay optimized and performant while still delivering high-quality gameplay FX. If you do not have access to any of the external software packages used, all of the final textures and meshes will be provided in the course.

While starting with Part 1, you will still receive the project file for use along with this course; if you choose to skip several things, you will. There will be several things that carry over from Part 1, but you should still be able to manage without them.

Part 2 is the most massive section of this series and will provide a feature-rich learning experience that should give you a more advanced knowledge of how to pull off AAA quality FX for Game Production, so that you can create that stunning portfolio piece that will be sure to catch a recruiters eye.

So dive on in, and let’s get crafting!

Watch online or Download for Free
01. Series Introduction and Setup

01. Series Introduction
02. Starting with Part 2 and Skipped Part 1 – Watch This!
03. Unreal Project Setup

02. Laser Beam VFX

01. Section Introduction
02. Concept Breakdown
03. Concept Timelapse
04. Textures Part 1 – Front Muzzle Flash
05. Textures Part 2 – Side Muzzle Flash
06. Textures Part 3 – Impact Decal
07. VFX Naming Conventions for Production
08. Meshes Part 1 – Muzzle Flash
09. Meshes Part 2 – Laser Beam
10. Simulations – Hit Smoke Part 1 – Houdini Setup
11. Simulations – Hit Smoke Part 2 – Houdini Simulation
12. Simulations – Hit Smoke Part 3 – Houdini Export for Unreal
13. Simulations – Explosive Part 1 – EmberGen Simulation
14. Simulations – Explosive Part 2 – EmberGen Export for Unreal
15. Importing Assets into Unreal
16. Materials Part 1 – Laser Beam and Sparks
17. Materials Part 2 – Impact Decal
18. Materials Part 3a – Muzzle Flashes
19. Materials Part 3b – Function and Material Wrap Up
20. Materials Part 4a – Impact Smoke
21. Materials Part 4b – Function and Material Wrap Up
22. Materials Part 5 – Laser Impact Hit
23. Blueprints Part 1 – Test Spawner and Projectile
24. Blueprints Part 2 – Projectile Collision and Impact Setup
25. Blueprints Part 3 – Material and Light Setup
26. Blueprints Part 4 – Final Laser Beam Logic Setup
27. Blueprints Part 5 – Impact Decal Logic
28. Blueprints Part 6 – Character Logic
29. Niagara Part 1a – Muzzle Flash – Blockout
30. Niagara Part 1b – Muzzle Flash – Animation
31. Niagara Part 1c – Muzzle Flash – Sparks
32. Niagara Part 2a – Impact Hit – Sparks
33. Niagara Part 2b – Impact Hit – Flash
34. Niagara Part 2c – Impact Hit – Flash Smoke
35. Niagara Part 2d – Impact Hit – Smoke
36. Laser Beam VFX Polish Pass
37. Assignment

03. Plasma Blaster VFX

01. Section Introduction
02. Concept Breakdown
10. Materials Part 3 – Plasma Trail
11. Materials Part 4a – Plasma Disc
12. Materials Part 4b – Plasma Disc – Masks & Animation
13. Materials Part 4c – Plasma Disc – Refraction & Material Wrap Up
14. Blueprints Part 1 – Plasma Impact Decal
15. Blueprints Part 2 – Plasma Ball Projectile
16. Blueprints Part 3 – Projectile Collision
17. Blueprints Part 4 – Character Logic and Animation Montage FX Hookups
18. Niagara Part 1 – Initial System Balance
19. Niagara Part 2 – Muzzle Flash and Energy Burst
20. Niagara Part 3 – Plasma Impact Hit System

[Udemy] UE5 Sci-Fi VFX Series – Part 2 – Laser & Plasma Blaster VFX by Jesse Henning.7z.001.rar
[Udemy] UE5 Sci-Fi VFX Series – Part 2 – Laser & Plasma Blaster VFX by Jesse Henning.7z.002.rar

[Udemy] UE5 Sci-Fi VFX Series – Part 2 – Laser & Plasma Blaster VFX by Jesse Henning_Subtitles.7z

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  1. Some clips seem to be missing from part 3 plasma blaster vfx
    Concept Timelapse
    Meshes Part 1 – Plasma Ball
    Meshes Part 2 – Plasma Disc
    Importing Assets into UE5
    Materials Part 1 – Reusing Materials
    Materials Part 2 – Plasma Ball
    It would be nice if they get uploaded ๐Ÿ™‚

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