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Mastering Coroutines in Unity by Alexander Urik


Release date:2022, November

Duration:05 h 22 m

Author:Alexander Urik

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

The course begins with a basic explanation of coroutines and why they are so useful.
Then, you’ll learn the difference between normal C# methods, the update method, and coroutines.
Following that, we will start to build our UI animation system driven by coroutines.

Our UI Animation will include some advanced techniques such as:

  • How to pause and resume the coroutine
  • How to check if a coroutine is running
  • How to delay a coroutine
  • How to get a callback from the coroutine
  • How to start multiple coroutines all at once
  • How to write custom yield instructions

Later, when our system is finished, we will export it as a Unity package so we can use it in our next projects.

Our first project, where we will use our UI Animation system, will be a simple animated game menu, which will demonstrate the flexibility of our system. The second biggest project will be a complete idle clicker game, full of interactive animations. An interesting fact is that the game is created very effectively without using any update method.
In the end, we will learn how to create state machines with the help of coroutines and also one very cool way to optimize slow methods.

Why learn from me?
I created this course to share my passion for making games and to help others simplify their work.
I am always trying to find effective and fast methods to solve problems, so I hope you will find some of my systems and tips and tricks useful for you.

What you’ll learn:

  • What coroutines are and what they are good for
  • Creating a UI Animation System
  • Callbacks from coroutines
  • Triggering actions when a property is changed
  • Programming a simple game without needing to use the update method
  • Optimizing slow methods with coroutines
  • Writing custom yield instructions
  • Creating simple state machines with coroutines

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Mac or PC
  • You will need to download and install Unity 19.1 or later
  • You should be familiar with C# and the Unity Game Development Engine
Watch online or Download for Free
1. Introduction

01. Course Preview
02. Course Overview
03. Useful Visual Studio Extension

2. Basics

01. Coroutines Introduction
02. Yield Instructions
03. How To Start And Stop Coroutines

3. Building UI Animator

01. Driver Introduction
02. Driver Playback Direction
03. Driver Progress
04. Driver Looping
05. Driver Callbacks
06. Driver Custom Wait Time
07. Driver Autostart, Pre-Start and Post-Reset
08. Driver Refactoring
09. Transform Controller Introduction
10. Controller Auto Connect To Driver
11. Controller Animate From Value To Value
12. Controller Animate In Specific Axes
13. Controller Animation Curve Easing
14. Controller Refactoring To Abstract Class
15. Image Controller
16. Canvas Group Controller
17. Controller Preview Animation In Editor
18. Controller Remote Driver Access
19. List Player Part 01
20. List Player Part 02
21. UI Animator Refactoring And Export

4. Animating Game Menu With UI Animator

01. Animating Game Menu Part 01
02. Animating Game Menu Part 02

5. Building Idle Clicker Game

01. Game Manager Part 01
02. Game Manager Part 02
03. Creating Item Data And Item Manager
04. On Click Process
05. Creating Item Animations
06. Item Available Logic
07. Item Can Buy Logic
08. Item Can Buy Manager Logic
09. Finishing Item Prefabs
10. Robot Animations
11. Cook Progress Manager Part 01
12. Cook Progress Manager Part 02
13. Start Game Animation

6. State Machine With Coroutines

01. Project Overview
02. Basic State Machine Part 01
03. Basic State Machine Part 02
04. Adding Animations With Variations
05. Optimizing Slow Methods

7. Extras

01. Unity Hub Overview
02. Unity Basics

[Udemy] Mastering Coroutines in Unity by Alexander Urik.7z

[Udemy] Mastering Coroutines in Unity by Alexander Urik_Subtitles.7z

[Udemy] Mastering Coroutines in Unity by Alexander Urik_Subtitles (2).7z

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