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Learn to make 2D Platformer game for PC, Android, IOS


Release date:2022, September

Author:Alex Dev

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

What you’ll learn

  • You will create your very own endless runner
  • You will learn how to code in C# and how to use Unity
  • You will learn basics of game development
  • You will learn how object oriented programming works in practice.
  • You will learn how to make games for PC, Android and IOS
  • You will learn how to work with 2D physics
  • You will learn how to create 2D artificial intelligence

No programming experience. You will learn everything need to know
Any computer and internet

Learn how to create 2D platformer game for PC and Mobile using Unity, an industry-standard program used by many large gaming studios and indie developers across the world.

In this course you won’t just be learning programming concepts, but tying these concepts to real game development uses.

This course has been designed to be easily understandable to everyone, so whether you’re a complete beginner, an artist looking to expand their game development range or a programmer interested in understanding game design, this course will help you gain a greater understanding of development.
I will not only show you how to do things, but also explain what I’m doing and why I’m doing that.
I will introduce how game design works on practice sharing with you some tips and tricks how should you plan your game and implement this knowledge on practice.

Throughout the course I left bunch of challenges so you can test yourself an knowledge you gain.
Everything in the course made in a way that you can change it according to the needs of your future game. With the system we going to design together you’ll have endless possibilities .

About the game itself:
It’s a simple pretty platformer with tons of mechanics that you can setup as easy relaxing game or challenging quick paced platformer

At the end of this course you will have developed the ability to create such game elements as:

A player controller with full set of abbilites including wall jumps and wall slides
A knockback, invincibility and death of the player
Different kind of traps that can effect player
Animations of the player, enemies, items and UI
Collectibles such as coins & gems
Easy managable camera with transitions and shake
Animation of static pictures
Make simple and expandable UI
Endlessly expandable level manager
Auto-tilling system
System of prefabs for easy level design
Full user Interface with interactive menus
Skin shop
UI settings
Saving system , save settings and game progress
Artificial intelegence in 2D space

And more…!

What you’ll learn

  • For those who want’s to learn how to make games
  • For beginners in programming
  • For passionate learners who is eager to make their very own first game
  • For those who knows how to make games but want’s to learn new and powerful features
  • For those who wants to expand their skills in game development
Watch online or Download for Free
01. Introduction to Unity

01. How to install Unity
02. Get assets and learn basic tools
03. Sorting layers
04. Pixel per unity ( with challenge )
05. Colliders and 2D Physics

02. Character creation

01. First script
02. Move the character
03. Make character Jump
04. Basic input
05. Execution order
06. Collision detection
07. Double jump
08. Animate run and idle
09. Animator controller – what is it
10. Jump and fall animation
11. Flip character
12. Wall detection – ( with challenge )
13. Wall slide
14. Wall slide animation – ( with challenge )
15. Wall jump
16. Minor bug fix – ( with challenge )

03. Level creation

01. Tile palette
02. Tile map collider
03. Making first level
04. Auto tilling system

04. Traps

01. First trap
02. Fire trap – part 1
03. Fire trap – part 2
04. Fire trap with switcher ( Invoke and InvokeRepeting)
05. Fire trap with switcher ( Time.DeltaTime )
06. Saw trap ( MoveTowards and Distance )
07. Saw trap with extended travel points
08. Swing trap ( 2D joints )

05. Improving player

01. Double jump bug fix ( challenge )
02. Adjust double jump ( challenge )
03. Buffer jump
04. Cayote jump
05. Linear drag
06. Knockback mechanic
07. Damage enemies with a head jump
08. Knockback clean code – Challenge

06. Enemies

01. First enemy – Mushroom
02. Animate mushroom – Challenge
03. Destroy enemies with animation event
04. Colliders layers
05. Rhino enemy
06. Radish enemy
07. Stop enemies movement on hit – challenge
08. Colliding enemies – challenge
09. Blue bird enemy
10. Blue bird additional info ( optional )
11. Ghost enemy
12. Plant enemy
13. Enemys bullet
14. Enemy bat
15. Enemy bee
16. Rhino bug fix – challenge
17. Enemy trunk – challenge

07. Camera

01. Cinemachine review
02. Pixel perfect extension
03. Room camera transitions
04. Screen shake

08. Player manager and respawn

01. Player manager
02. Null check reference fix
03. Start point
04. Checkpoint
05. End point


01. One way platform
02. Moving platform Lift
03. trampoline
04. Dead zone

10. Pickup items

01. Fruits
02. Skins for fruits
03. Fruit manager

11. Level manager and UI

01. How to load a scene
02. How to use UI buttons
03. Layout for level selection
04. Level manager system
05. Animate background for main menu
06. Main menu layout
07. Settings layout
08. UI switching system
09. Skin Selection UI
10. Level selection UI
11. Difficulty selection UI

12. Game manager

01. Learn to pass object beetwen scenes
02. Create game manager

13. Save system

01. Save system
02. Save difficulty
03. Save fruits
04. Save levels
05. Save skins

14. UI part 2

01. In game UI
02. Update level buttons – Challange
03. Hide Continue button – Challange

15. Game polish

01. A bit of clean up
02. Player respawn improvement
03. Player death improvement
04. Player drop fruits
05. Player improvement
06. Player dust fx
07. Add players skins

16. Audio manager

01. Audio manager
02. Improve sound effects
03. Improve background music
04. Volume settings
05. Find your audio

17. Game polish 2

01. Enemys death improvement
02. Make enemy drop fruits
03. Fruits improvement

18. Mobile section

01. Mobile controlls
02. Make test build
03. Adjust screen size

19. Level creation

01. Minor bug fix
02. How to create level – Instructions

20. Publish

01. Build and publish

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