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Hand-Painted Texturing in Blender by Jason Lee


Release date:2023, September 25

Duration:02 h 26 m

Author:Jason Lee

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Welcome to my course on Hand-Painted Texturing in Blender!

Not all 3D artists have the 2D art skills to pull off stylized hand-painted textures often seen in games and sometimes film. So, I created this course to help bridge the gap. Upon completing this course, you will better understand how to think, utilize color, and build confidence while painting. Getting good at it will still take practice, though!

What this course covers:


In the first few sections, we tackle modeling the sword. We’ll keep things low, poly. There is no law against going higher poly, but traditionally, lower poly stuff gets the hand-painted look. Although I am still determining what the reason for this is.

UV Unwrapping

UV Unwrapping and Editing is up next. This is usually a sore spot for 3D artists out there. It could be more fun. Fortunately, with an addon (TexTools), it eases it a little. Plus, lower poly stuff is easier to unwrap.

Painting Fundamentals

For the people who have little to no experience painting, there is a crash course on images. I explain value, hue, and saturation and how you use them. Then, we’ll finish with a painting demo to wrap it all together.

Texture Painting

From there, we’ll finish painting the sword. I tried to use minimal editing, but there are some because painting can be time-consuming, and I wanted to save you time.

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