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Blender – Modeling Your First 3D Character by Eve Paints


Release date:2023, April

Duration:04 h 00 m

Author:Eve Paints

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this Udemy course, you will learn the following:

  • Blender User Interface Essentials: You will learn the basics of Blender’s user interface, including navigating the 3D viewport, working with tools, and understanding the workflow.
  • 3D Character Modeling: You will learn how to create 3D character models from scratch, including modeling the body, face, and other anatomical features. This includes understanding the process of creating 3D geometry, using tools and techniques to shape the character, and achieving proper proportions.
  • UV-ing: You will learn how to create UV maps for your 3D character models, which involves unwrapping the 3D geometry onto a 2D texture map. This includes understanding how to create UV seams, layout UVs efficiently, and prepare the UV maps for texturing.
  • Texturing: You will learn how to create textures for your 3D character models, including applying materials, creating textures using Blender’s texture painting tools, and mapping textures onto the UV maps created earlier.
  • Lighting: You will learn how to set up lighting for your 3D character models, including understanding different types of lights in Blender, positioning lights to achieve desired effects, and creating a balanced lighting setup that enhances the visual appeal of the character.
  • Rendering a Still Image: You will learn how to render a still image of your 3D character model, including setting up render settings, choosing the right image format, and rendering the final image.

No prior knowledge is necessary for this course, and both beginners and intermediate Blender users can benefit from the lessons. The course includes detailed voiceovers explaining each step of the process, and the hotkeys are displayed on-screen for reference. Please note that the course is not in real-time and some parts may be sped up for condensing the information, but the reasoning behind each step is explained. By the end of the course, you will be confident in creating your own 3D characters using Blender.

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