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ARCHICAD 24 Essentials From Novice to Ninja


Release date:2022, December


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

What you’ll learn
How to create an Archicad project.
How to develop a comprehensive Architectural Floor Plan in Archicad.
Documenting 2D Elevations and Building Sections.
Extracting Quantity Schedules + reports from an Archicad virtual building model.
Publishing your Archicad drawings to PDF.

Have ARCHICAD 24 International Version installed on your computer.
Be able to read and understand the English Language: the course content will be delivered in English
Have Zero ARCHICAD skills. Although, beginner user experience could be advantageous.

This course is a step-by-step guide to modelling and documenting your project in an Archicad environment. Learning Archicad can be challenging, especially when you do not have the right resources and guidance. Whether you are a student looking into utilising Archicad to complete your school project or an employee who wants to impress their boss with superb Archicad skills; I will take you through from creating a new project to publishing your drawings.

What You Will Learn

Learn and master high-demand computer-aided design skills with this comprehensive and in-depth course.

By the end of this course, you will be able to do the following:

  • Create an Archicad project
  • Develop a comprehensive architectural floor plan
  • Document 2D elevations and building sections
  • Extract quantity schedules and reports from the 3D virtual building model
  • Create custom Archicad objects
  • Publish your drawings in PDF
  • Course Overview

ARCHICAD® is a Building Information Modelling software developed by Graphisoft. It allows you to develop a virtual building model, that has intelligent construction information linked to it. With different model views, you automatically generate 2D floor plans, elevations, sections, 3D floor plan documents and interactive schedules for quantity take-off and reporting.

The course is divided into seven unique sections. A residential house project is used to explain the various concepts and steps that are involved. Therefore, we will be building a project from start to finish.

This will cover project creation, a walk-through of the various parts of the user interface, project navigation tips, basic settings, wall modelling, door and window creation and settings, roof modelling, 2D documentation (floor plans, elevations, sections), custom title block creation, layout book settings and publishing to PDF.

The following are the main sections as explained above:

  • Introduction
  • ARCHICAD Navigation Basics
  • Floor Plan Creation Basics
  • Dimensioning
  • Publishing Your Drawings
  • Quantity Schedules and Reports
  • Other Essentials
  • Methodology

I designed this course with the complete beginner in mind. The sections are broken down into step-by-step tutorials taught at a slow pace to make it easy to follow along and understand. With project files and PDF resources for reference, you will be able to work alongside the instructor every step of the way to develop your project from start to finish.

Who this course is for:
Architecture, Engineering and Construction students with basic to no ARCHICAD skills and want to learn the full process of implementing a project in an ARCHICAD BIM environment.
Beginner ARCHICAD users who want to improve their ARCHICAD 2D + 3D Modelling and Documenting skills.

Watch online or Download for Free
1. Introduction

01. Course Overview

2. ArchiCAD Navigation Basics

01. About this Section
02. Understanding the ARCHICAD User Interface
03. Opening an Existing Project File
04. Floor Plan Navigation
05. 3D Navigation

3. Floor Plan Creation Basics

01. About this Section
02. Creating a New Project
03. Project Location Settings
04. Setting Working + Dimensioning Units
05. Structural Grid Construction
06. External + Internal Walls
07. Room Tags Text and Zone Tools
08. Architectural Fenestrations Windows + Doors
09. Doors Advanced Settings + Customizations
10. Windows Advanced Settings + Customizations
11. Slab Creation + Editing Techniques
12. Complex Roof Modelling + Editing Techniques
13. Elevations Settings and Illustration

4. Dimensioning

01. About this Section
02. ARCHICAD Supported Dimension Types
03. Automatic Floor Plan Dimensioning
04. Manual Floor Plan Dimensioning
05. Door + Window Dimension Markers

5. Publishing Your Drawings

01. About this Section
02. Saving Selection to PDF Marque Tool
03. Creating a Custom Title Block

6. Quantity Schedules and Reports

01. Section Overview
02. Window + Door Schedules
03. Wall Quantity Reports + Costing
04. Object Lists + Zone Area Reports

7. Other Essentials

01. About this Section
02. Custom Object Creation Morph Tool
03. A Collection of Essential Keyboard Shortcuts + Commands

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