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2D Character Animator – Photoshop, After Effects, Midjourney by James Cunliffe


Release date:2023, October

Duration:04 h 36 m

Author:James Cunliffe

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Are you prepared to unleash jaw-dropping 2D character animations that will captivate your audience? In this comprehensive guide tailored for beginners, you’ll become proficient in 2D character animation using Photoshop, After Effects, and AI tools like Midjourney.

Step-by-step, you’ll discover how to seamlessly extract characters from backgrounds, break them into animatable layers, create eye-catching animations, and add professional lighting and effects. By the end, you’ll possess the expertise to breathe life into your 2D art, animate characters, and develop an impressive portfolio.

Embark on a journey through rigging, animating layers, troubleshooting common issues, refining motions, and perfecting scenes with color grading and additional assets. With engaging practice assets and detailed explanations, you’ll gain confidence in this highly sought-after skill and experience the satisfaction of seeing your static art come to life through fluid animation.

Enroll now to master 2D character animation, elevate your artistic skills, and infuse vitality into your creative visions!

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Mastering Photoshop Tools for Character Isolation
    • Navigate Photoshop’s pen, lasso, and generative fill tools with precision.
    • Practice with pen and lasso tools.
    • Explore the efficiency of generative fill.
    • Perfect character cut-out techniques.
  2. Layering Characters for After Effects Animation
    • Organize and separate character assets into layers effectively in Photoshop.
    • Prepare assets for animation.
    • Import Photoshop files into After Effects.
  3. Character Animation Essentials in After Effects
    • Learn rigging, keyframing, and effect application for lifelike character animation.
    • Master keyframes and effects.
    • Refine character movement.
  4. Depth Maps & Parallax Background Animation
    • Utilize depth maps in Photoshop for intricate parallax animations in After Effects.
    • Craft depth maps.
    • Implement parallax animation techniques.
  5. Lighting and Color Grading Mastery
    • Illuminate animations with advanced lighting effects, stock elements, and color grading.
    • Implement lighting effects.
    • Master color grading techniques.
  6. Precision Control with After Effects’ Graph Editor
    • Achieve absolute control over animation easing using the graph editor.
    • Animate with precision.
    • Enhance animation smoothness.
  7. Shape Layers and Masks for Motion Effects
    • Animate shape layers and masks for unique motion effects.
    • Create unique motion effects.
    • Enhance creative animation techniques.
  8. Systematic Project Set-Up for Complex Animations
    • Implement structured project setups for efficient animation processes.
    • Organize animation projects.
    • Handle complex characters.
  9. Troubleshooting & Asset Refinement
    • Develop troubleshooting skills for common animation challenges.
    • Refine assets in Photoshop.
    • Perfect animation projects.
  10. Eye Blink Animation Techniques
    • Animate eye blinks using multiple layers for character personality.
    • Use multiple layers effectively.
    • Enhance character emotiveness.
  11. Midjourney AI for Character Art Creation
    • Use Midjourney AI to generate unique character art assets.
    • Customize character assets.
    • Optimize AI tools for art creation.
  12. Complete Character Splash Screen Animations
    • Master the journey from concept to completion, creating captivating character splash screen animations.
    • Follow a concept-to-completion workflow.
    • Create unique splash screens.
    • Polish animations for showcase.
  13. Building a Stellar Animation Portfolio
    • Compile a portfolio showcasing high-quality character animations.
    • Showcase animation skills.
    • Capture industry attention and opportunities.

My Biggest Hope for You: My aim is to equip you with the skills needed to kickstart your animation journey!

Watch online or Download for Free
1. Introduction

01. Welcome to the Course
02. The Use of AI in This Project
03. Installing Adobe Creative Cloud

2. Animating Our First Character

01. Character 01 Overview
02. An Introduction to Photoshop
04. Separating the Character from the Background
06. Separating the Foreground from the Background
07. Using Generative Fill to Refill the Background
08. Tidying Up Foreground
10. Breaking the Character Into Layers
12. Creating a Depth Map of the Background
13. Opening After Effects and Setting the Project Up
15. Moving Anchor Points and Rigging the Character
17. Animating the Core and Expressions
19. Puppet Pin and Animating Eyes
21. CC Bend It and Wave Warp
22. Volumetric Lighting and Depth Map Animation
23. Adding Additional Elements, Colour Grading and Exporting
23.2 Looping Light Leak
23.3 Looping Particles
23.4 Looping Rain
23.5 Looping Smoke
24. Congratulations

3. Animating Our Second Character

01. Character 02 Overview
02. Select and Mask With Generative Fill
03. Breaking the Character Into Layers
04. Creating a Depth Map of the Background
05. Rigging the Character
06. Animating the Eyes and Fixing Errors
07. Animating the Halo With Trim Paths
08. Animating the Head and Hair
09. Animating the Core with Puppet Pin
10. Animating Wings and Fixing the Cape
11. Hand Animating With Shape Tool and Paths
12. Depth Map and Additional Elements
13. Tritone Effect, Colour Grading and Exporting
14. Congratulations

4. Animating Our Third Character

01. Character 03 Overview
02. Separating the Character From the Background
03. Cutting Out the Foreground
04. Breaking the Character Into Layers
05. Rigging the Character
06. Animating the Sword and the Graph Editor
07. Animating the Character
08. Congratulations

5. Extras & Continuing Your Animation Journey

01. Download the Additional Assets
02. Creating Your Own Assets With Midjourney
03. Free Image Upscaling With Upscayl
04. Thank You

[Udemy] 2D Character Animator – Photoshop, After Effects, Midjourney by James Cunliffe.7z.rar

[Udemy] 2D Character Animator – Photoshop, After Effects, Midjourney by James Cunliffe_Subtitles.7z

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