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The Ultimate Character Design School – Beginner to Advanced – Jaysen Batchelor (reupload)


Release date:2020, March 27

Author: Jaysen Batchelor

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Coronavirus, in arrivo una nuova autocertificazione – why still it comes, our dear Italian friends you can pass the time while all that disease remains with this new digital painting course! Even if your eyes are tired up from monitor you can take a paper and a pencil to make it right! Your children will be happy with it! It’s all about getting in the animation process and getting in addiction with it, which will guide you to your future career!

(Paragraph above rocks he-he)

What you’ll learn
How to design unforgettable characters
How to draw character body and poses
How to draw different styles of characters
Paper & Pencil
Or digital means of drawing
A willingness to work hard and learn
Join over 260,000 achieving student and start making your art dreams a reality.


This course combines a simple effective teaching system with easy to follow videos and tons of projects to work on. And a mind-blowing 24 hours of video content straight to your fingertips. This will take you from beginner to advanced in how ever long you want it to take because its completely self guided. Take it at your own pace.

  • 12 sections – 95 lectures
  • New and improved character design skills
  • Access to The Artist Inner Family Facebook Group
  • Q&A Support through out the entire course
  • Downloadable resources
  • Student discounts to future courses
  • 100% absolutely no questions asked money back guarantee (for 30 Day)
  • All future updates to the course


Yes! Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Drawing fundamentals
  • Story telling
  • Pencil control
  • Dynamic poses
  • Style development
  • Body proportions
  • Drawing body forms
  • Drawing faces
  • Drawing hands
  • Foreshortening
  • Gesture & Poses
  • Facial expressions
  • Hair & Costume
  • Anime
  • Disney animation
  • Comic
  • Pixar style
  • Character design demo
  • Facebook group


Section 2

You’ll dive right into your first character drawings. It’s never fun to listen to a bunch of lectures on theory for the first few hours of a course. It’s much more fun to actually do. So you’ll already be drawing characters by lecture 3. You’ll get to draw a male and female character in this section. You can preview this section for free if you want to get a taste of the course.

Section 3

This section is called Learning The Fundamentals of Character Design because you will be learning everything you need to know in order to build a strong foundation. You’ll learn everything from the drawing hierarchy to how line, shapes, and form are used in stages to create character designs.

Section 4

Welcome to drawing boot camp. This sections name comes form the fact that you will go through exercises that will strengthen you drawing ability. This includes pencil control, muscle memory, speed control, and pressure control. All of which are extremely important to character design. We call this section drawing boot camp because you’ll change after going through it.

Section 5

Next your going to receive some extremely useful training. This whole section is on drawing the human body. You’ll need the ability to draw the human form if your going to create good character designs. Through out this training you will learn how to draw every individual part of the human body from different angles and in different poses. This section breaks down the human body into simple to understand shapes and forms that you can replicate over and over again. And don’t worry, you’ll learn how to draw the male and the female forms.

Section 6

This section is all about how to pose that body that you’re now an expert at drawing. In order to create exceptional character designs you need to know how to draw poses that are dynamic and have attitude. You’ll learn all the different ways to make a pose dynamic and how to express a characters attitude, emotion, and just give them that appealing look. Trust me. By the end of this section you’ll get it like a professional.

Section 7

The most important part of character design is always telling a story. Here you’ll learn how to tell a story through your characters expression. First you need to know how to draw certain expression. Once you’ve mastered your character expressions you can start mixing and matching eye and mouth expressions to get a wide variety of emotions. Creating good expressions is the secret of the pros.

Section 8

You probably don’t want your characters to be naked and bald so in this section you’ll learn all about hair & costume design. Hairstyles and costumes are really what make characters iconic and memorable. So you’ll learn all about how to give your character their “Thing” that will distinguish them form other characters.

Section 9

This section of the course will give you some very practical knowledge and skills in drawing characters in different genres. Character design is broken up into different genres. You’ll be taught in-depth how to draw anime, Disney animation, comic, and Pixar cartoon styled characters over the course of 5 lectures. You won’t want to miss this section!

Section 10

At this point you have acquired all the necessary skills and knowledge to design your own characters from start to finish. So now its time to put it all together. You’ll get to watch a two part video of me designing a dragon slayer character from start to finish. This section demonstrates a character being imagined and developed right before your eyes. Theres no better way to learn than to watch others.


As an instructor I have always worked hard to build courses that are simple for students to understand and implement. I wanted to build a course that could take a student with little or no drawing skills and shape them up into a decent character designer in a short period of time. My company Jaysen Batchelor Education is committed to developing courses that exceed expectations and provide value above and beyond what is payed for. If you’re not happy with the course you can always get a 100% money back guarantee within the first 30 days of purchasing the course. The refund process is hassle free and you won’t be asked why. But I have a feeling you won’t want to refund this course.

This all comes under one convenient easy to use platform. Plus you will get fast, friendly, responsive support on the Udemy Q&A section of the course or direct message.

I will be here for you every step of the way!

  • Who this course is for:
    Student wanting to learn how to design characters
    Students wanting to add a new skill to their tool belt
    Students Willing to take action and start drawing amazing artwork
    Students willing to put in some time to gain a new skill
Watch online or Download for Free

01. Introduction

001 Introduction
002 The Tools Youll Need

02. Let’s Draw Some Characters

003 Drawing Character Roughs
004 Refining Character Drawings

03. Learn The Fundamentals of Character Design

005 The Drawing Fundamental Pyramid
006 Line Fundamentals In Characters
007 Shape Fundamentals In Characters
008 Form Fundamentals In Characters
009 Line Shape Form Assignment
010 Highlights Shadows In Character Design
011 Value Fundamentals In Characters
012 Detail In Your Character Designs
013 Contrast In Character Design
014 Telling Story In Your Character Design
015 Drawing Studies
016 How Studies Apply to Character Design
017 The Motivation Secret
018 Section 3 Conclusion
019 Section 3 Project

04. Drawing Boot Camp

020 Pencil Control Exercise
021 How To Warmup
022 Drawing 3D Forms In Characters
023 How To Rotate 3D Forms In Your Head
024 What Is A Dynamic Drawing
025 How To Create Depth In Your Character Designs
026 How To Draw Light Loose
027 Line Weight In Character Design
028 Refining Your Character Drawing In 3 Steps
029 Developing Your Style
030 Using Reference In Character Design
031 How To Build Your Visual Library
032 Checking Your Character Design For Fundamentals
033 Section 4 Conclusion
034 Section 4 Assignment

05. Drawing The Human Form Training

035 Introduction To Drawing Character Forms Proportions
036 Learn The Proportions Of The Human Body
037 Line In The Body Form
038 Shape In The Body Form
039 Form In The Body Form
040 Drawing The Head From Scratch
041 Drawing The Face
042 Learn To Draw Head Poses
043 Drawing The Neck Shoulders From Scratch
044 Learn To Draw Neck Shoulder Poses
045 Drawing The Chest From Scratch
046 Understanding The Chest Form
047 Learn To Draw Chest Poses
048 How To Draw Breast
049 Drawing The Male Torso
050 Drawing The Female Torso
051 Drawing The Arms From Scratch
052 Drawing The Legs From Scratch
053 Learn To Draw Arm Leg Poses
054 Drawing The Feet From Scratch
055 Drawing Hands From Scratch
056 Drawing The Body Forms Togather
057 Drawing Eyes From Scratch
058 Drawing The Ear From Scratch
059 Drawing The Lips From Scratch
060 Drawing The Nose From Scratch
061 Introduction To Facial Expressions
062 Drawing Makeup
063 Adjusting Character Proportions
064 How To Draw A Balanced Character
065 Drawing Foreshortening Like A Pro
066 Section 5 Conclusion

06. Character Gesture Pose

067 Introduction To Gesture Line Of Action
068 Line Of Action
069 Drawing Action Poses
070 Drawing Body Forms In Perspective
071 Dynamic Axis In Poses
072 Learning To Draw Dynamic Poses
073 Drawing Simple Body Gestures
074 Drawing Body Gestures With Form
075 Gesture Drawing Session Assignment
076 Differences In The Male Female Forms
077 Drawing Character Silhouettes
078 Character Design Layout

07. Character Expression And Emotion

079 Drawing Eye Expressions
080 Drawing Mouth Expressions
081 Drawing Character Expression Sheets Part 1
082 Drawing Character Expression Sheets Part 2

08. Shading Your Characters

083 Introduction To Shading Characters

09. Hair Costume Design

084 Drawing Directional Hair
085 Blocking Out Hair Shapes
086 Blocking Out Costume Shapes
087 Designing Your Character Costume

10. Character Design Styles

088 Anime Style Character Drawing
089 Classic Animation Style Part 1
090 Classic Animation Style Part 2
091 Comic Style Character Drawing
092 Cartoon Style Character Drawing

11. Character Design Demos

093 Character Design Demo One Part 1
094 Character Design Demo One Part 2
095 Realistic Character Design Demo

12. Course Conclusion

096 Course Conclusion

13. Old Lectures

097 Character Drawing Part 1
098 Character Drawing Part 2

[Udemy] The Ultimate Character Design School – Beginner to Advanced – Jaysen Batchelor (reupload).7z
[Udemy] The Ultimate Character Design School – Beginner to Advanced – Jaysen Batchelor (Subtitles).7z

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