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The Impossible Domino Run in Blender

Release date:2021, July 22

Author:Lionel Vicidomini

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

In this Blender tutorial we will create an impossible domino run in a child’s room!

I love dominoes, but I am too clumsy to try the beautiful run that you can see on the internet. But I’m not clumsy in a 3D software and I chose Blender to create this scene that defies the laws of gravity!

Blender is the FREE software that everyone is talking about. Being free is not its most interesting feature. What is really great is that you can do EVERYTHING in a single software.

Indeed, we will track our scene, model the dominoes, render them, composite them and even add the sound without opening another software! No need for After Effects, Photoshop or even Paint to make the whole movie.

This tutorial covers all the steps you need to get the final result you can see in the video :

Tracking the entire scene in Blender

Modeling our domino

Several techniques to distribute our dominoes and make them tumble…

Using simple copies, modifiers, drivers…

With Animation Nodes, the amazing free addon from Jake Luke that can turn Blender into Mograph

Building the scene using the very powerful tools seen previously

Rendering our shot, using Cycles, the excellent Blender render engine

Texturing of the dominoes to make them as realistic as possible

Compositing the shot inside Blender

Removing the tracking markers with the compositor

And to calibrate our scene without ever leaving Blender

This tutorial is of an intermediate level, but remains accessible to motivated beginners.

Blender is free to download and to use, for anyone.

I will soon release a complete series of tutorials on Blender to learn everything from scratch.

I use several addons in this scene, all free to use and available on the net.

As always, all the step-by-step tutorial files are provided.

I remain at your disposal in the chat rooms for all your questions.

See you soon in Blender!

Watch online or Download for Free

01 Tracking the scene
002 Importing and setting up the movie clip
003 Tracking
004 Finishing the shot
005 Cleaning the tracks
006 Calibrating
007 Setting up the scene

02 Distributing and Tumbling Dominoes
001 Creating the domino
002 Simple distribution and tumbling of dominoes
003 Along a path
004 Tumbling the dominoes
005 Correcting the deformation on the path
006 Making the domino flower – 1st Row
007 Making the domino flower – 2nd Row
008 Finishing the Domino Flower
009 Using Drivers to simplify the flower creation
010 Creating a simple domino pyramid
011 Making a spiral pyramid of dominoes
012 Tumbling the spiral pyramid

03 Animation Nodes
001 Introduction – What is Animation Nodes _ How to install it
002 Distributing Dominoes with Animation Nodes
003 Rotating the dominoes
004 Animating the dominoes with Falloff
005 Adding randomness to the dominoes
006 Dealing with the last domino
007 Using Actions to tumble the dominoes
008 Using Physics with Animation Nodes
009 Baking Animation Nodes to keyframes

04 Building the final scene
001 Setting up the floor
002 Drawing the main line of dominoes
003 Distributing the dominos on the line with Animation Nodes
004 Adding the Physics
005 Adding the Domino Flower
006 Adding the pyramid
007 Adding the Looping Ramp
008 Importing an Animation Nodes Tree
009 Modeling the ramp
010 Finishing the ramp
011 Joining the main line to the ramp
012 Previewing the animation with Workbench
013 Creating the second junction
014 Making the Turnstile
015 Preparing the wall
016 Creating the long line on the wall
017 Adding the flowers
018 Exporting and importing to Alembic

05 Materials and rendering
001 Preparing the scene, Setting up a shadow catcher
002 Adding HDRI lighting to the scene
003 Creating the Domino material
004 Refining the material
005 Adding a light
006 Adding textures to the dominoes
007 Adding the Ramp material
008 Adding stands to the ramp
009 Creating color variations on the dominoes

06 Compositing the scene
001 Compositing inside Blender
002 Denoising the render with the Compositor
003 Mixing the denoiser
004 Grouping nodes
005 Removing the tracking markers
006 Protecting an area of the shot from the marker removal
007 Color grading _ fixing the white and black values
008 Color grading _ introducing colors to the shot
009 Adding ambiant occlusion (AO)
010 Preparing the final render

[Udemy] The Impossible Domino Run in Blender.7z
[Udemy] The Impossible Domino Run in Blender_Subtitles.7z

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