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The Inkscape Master Class by Nick Saporito


Release date:2023, March

Author:Nick Saporito

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

this course, I delve into each tool, feature, and function within Inkscape, providing explanations on their purpose, functionality, and practical applications. Consider it an interactive user manual presented in video format, accessible for reference at your convenience.

If you’ve ever followed one of my YouTube tutorials and found yourself questioning the “why” rather than the “how,” this course serves as the comprehensive answer. By the end of the course, you will have gained a robust understanding of Inkscape’s complete toolkit and acquired the skills to use it effectively.

Explore the Operational Dynamics

Each lesson is presented in video format, featuring screen-sharing, detailed explanations, and practical demonstrations of each feature. All lessons are available in 1080p format, allowing for easy downloading and offline viewing.

Embark on the journey to master Inkscape by watching the video below to discover the wealth of insights this course provides.

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01. Basics

01. Welcome Menu
02. Layout Overview
03. Dockable Menus
04. Custom Themes
05. Navigating The Canvas
06. The Select Tool
07. Snapping

02. File Menu

01. Opening and Importing Files
02. Clipart Directory
03. Saving Your Work
04. Exporting Your Designs
05. Documents Tool
06. Batch Exporting
07. Document Properties
08. Creating Templates

03. Edit Menu

01. Inkscape Preferences
02. Making Bitmap Copies
03. Creating Clones
04. Creating Tiled Clones

04. View Menu

01. View and Display Modes
02. Rotating The Canvas
03. XRay and Split View Mode

05. Layers Menu

01. Layers and Objects

05. Object Menu

01. Grouping Objects
02. Guides
03. Raising and Lowering Objects
04. The Fill and Stroke Menu
05. Working With Strokes
06. Working With Gradients
07. Working With Patterns
08. Working With Swatches
09. Practice (Exercise)
10. Markers
11. Clipping Masks
12. Layer Masks
13. Aligning and Distributing Objects
14. Arranging Objects
15. Transform Tool

06. Path Functions

01. What Is A Path
02. Path Operations
03. Practice (Exercise)
04. More Path Operations
05. Offsetting Paths
06. Tracing Bitmaps
07. Trace Pixel Art

07. Path Effects

01. Introduction To Path Effects
02. New Path Effects Menu (Version 1.3)
03. Attach Path
04. Bend Path
05. BSpline
06. Construct Grid
07. Corners (Fillet and Chamfer)
08. Dashed Stroke
09. Envelope Deformation
10. Hatches

08. Working With Text

01. Creating Text
02. Flowing Text Into A Frame
03. Putting Text On A Path

09. Filters Menu

01. Filter Effects

10. Inkscape Tools

01. Select Tool
02. Edit Paths By Nodes
03. Shape Builder
04. Squares and Rectangles
05. Circles and Ellipses
06. Stars and Polygons
07. 3D Boxes
08. Creating Spirals
09. The Bezier Pen
10. Drawing Freehand Lines
11. The Calligraphy Pen
12. Linear and Radial Gradients
13. Mesh and Conical Gradients
14. Color Picker
15. Bucket Fill
16. Tweak Objects
17. Spraying Objects (Airbrush)
18. Eraser
19. Diagram Connectors
20. Measurements
21. Zoom

[Teachable] The Inkscape Master Class by Nick Saporito_Subtitles.7z

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