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Substance Painter – Petrol Pump Game Asset

Release date:2016, May 20

Duration:01 h 32 m

Author:Joel Bradley

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Substance Painter is shaking up the asset development workflow in the 3D game industry. To introduce users to the tools and techniques in Substance Painter, Joel Bradley introduces another fun, basic project that starts with an existing model from 3ds Max and ends with a completely textured asset that can be used in any game engine. The petrol pump featured in this project requires materials like painted metal, bare metal, rubber, plastic, and glass. Joel will show how to use custom bitmaps, custom materials from Substance Designer, fill layers, and particle brushes to apply the textures and create realistic wear and tear. By the end of the course, you’ll have another Substance Painter project under your belt and a new asset for your library.
Topics include:
Setting a mesh for importing
Creating a new project
Baking maps
Using custom bitmaps, substances, and tools
Adding fill layers
Masking elements
Adding substances
Working in the 3D and 2D views
Using particle brushes to add dirt and grime

Table of Contents

Welcome 2m 26s
What you should know before watching this course 1m 29s
Using the exercise files 2m 13s
1. Setting Up Our Substance Painter Project
Setting up a mesh for importing into Substance Painter, part 1 2m 36s
Setting up a mesh for importing into Substance Painter, part 2 2 m 40s
Creating a new project 3m 16s
Baking out some important maps 4m 14s
Adding an opacity channel 3m 47s
Adjusting the viewer settings 3m 43s
2. Customizing Our Painter Tools
Importing custom bitmaps 3m 32s
Using our own substances from Substance Designer 3m
Setting up custom tools 3m 53s
3. Using Substances and Masks to Paint Our Object
Setting up the Worn Red paint group 3m 13s
Adding our fill layers 3m 38s
Using the Mask Builder for detail 3m 44s
Using the ID channel pass to mask the group 2m 53s
Masking the exposed metal sections 2m 36s
Setting up and masking more painted metal 3m 24s
Adding the metal and paint substances 3m 59s
Creating the rubber 3m 10s
Creating transparent glass 3m 10s
Adding weathered plastic to the model 3m 20s
4. Adding Unique Details with Stencils and Particles
Using the 3D view for decals 3m 47s
Painting in the 2D view 3m 17s
Setting up a particle brush 3m 42s
Adding specific dirt with particles 3m 50s
Adding dirt to the overall model 6m 15s
What next? 1m 43s

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