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Stylized Characters for Freelance Projects

Release date:2021, July 17

Duration:08 h 06 m

Author:Maria Lia Malandrino

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Are you excited at the thought of drawing for a living, being paid to do what you really love?

While it is definitely thrilling, being a freelance artist involves A LOT more than just drawing. All the various responsibilities that come with being your own boss, such as pricing, client communication, and review rounds can have a big effect on the final artwork, time involved and even your income! The practical aspects of working with clients can often be overwhelming for those starting out, but it doesn’t have to be for you.

In this course, you’ll discover the workflow of a professional freelance artist, Maria Malandrino, who has worked on a host of various art projects throughout her career. She will share with you how to structure your workflow, deal with clients, create an art style for a brief, write up a contract and more. PLUS she will also walk you through an entire character design from start to finish just as if it was a real-life project for an actual client!

Learn her thought process, tips for boosting creativity, the stages of production and in-depth character stylization. This course sheds light on the daily routine of a freelance artist, with the aim of helping you find your own path as a professional in this industry.

What you’ll learn

  • Work effectively with clients, from price setting to file sharing
  • Identify your target audience and develop a style that best suits them
  • Discover Maria’s coloring methods in Adobe Photoshop
  • Develop the core features of your style and replicate it with other characters
  • Understand the importance of visual communication and how it relates to illustration style
  • Draw a range of characters in one style: children, adults, older people and animals
  • Create a style bible for you and your team

Who is this course for

  • Intermediate artists looking to become freelance professionals – developing characters for comics, videogames or animated feature films.
  • Artists who want to understand the process for creating artwork for clients


  • Digital drawing software, eg: Photoshop (used by instructor) or other drawing software
  • Some knowledge of shape language and art fundamentals
  • A good grasp of sketching
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1. Introduction
1. Introduction to course

2. Visual Communication
2.1 Communication Theory
2.2 The Relation Between Style and Content
2.3 Assignment

3. Finding Your Audience 8: Style
3.1 Delivering style samples to clients
3.2 What is the Target Audience?

4. Creating a Marketing Persona
4.1 What is a marketing persona?
4.2 Introducing a mock brief
4.3 Persona Walkthrough and Assignment Example

5. Working with Clients
5.1 Setting your prices
5.2 How to write a pro-forma quote
5.3 Your work has value

6. Tools of the Trade
6.1 File Sharing and Hosting
6.2 Task Management Tools
6.3 Software for Reference Collection
6.4 Communication channels

7. Reference Collection
7.1 Collecting Reference Material
7.2 Using Pinterest to collect references

8. Style Finder Tools
8.1 What is Stylisation RECAP?
8.2 Using the Style Finder tool

9. Working with Shapes, Step 1
9.1 Style development: Where to start?
9.2 Iterating quick shapes
9.3 Presentation poses and silhouettes

10. Working with Shapes, Step 2
10.1 Adding Secondary features to the original thumbnails
10.2 Iterating pose 18
10.3 Iterating pose 13
10.4 Delivering to Client or working for your portfolio

11. Outfits and Hairstyles, Step 3
11.1 Finalising the Primary and Secondary Features
11.2 Creating outfit and hairstyle options
11.3 Introducing lineart

12. Color schemes, Step 4
12.1 Colouring for Concept Art
12.2 Creating multiple palettes

13. Create a Style Bible
13.1 What is a Style Bible?
13.2 Character Design Section
13.3 Style Bible – Technical Information

14. Designing characters – Children
14.1 Quick Shapes
14.2 Defining the secondary shapes
14.3 Colouring the character

15. Designing characters – Animals, Part 1
15.1 Designing a stylised animal
15.2 Stylised shapes and iterations
15.3 Demoing different animals

16. Designing characters – Animals. Part 2
16.1 Colouring a pine marten
16.2 Colouring a wild cat

17. Designing characters – Adults, Part1
17.1 The female and male shape stereotypes
17.2 Rough shapes in proportion
17.3 Attitude through posing
17.4 Fashion choices

18. Designing Adults – Adults. Part 2
18.1 Colouring the male adult character
18.2 Colouring the female adult

19. Designing characters – Older People, Part 1
19.1 Drawing older men
19.2 Drawing older women
19.3 What defines old age?

20. Designing characters: Older People. Part 2
20.1 Rendering an older man
20.2 Rendering an older woman

21. Designing characters – Creatures
21.1 Using reality to fuel your imagination
21.2 Creating humanoid creatures
21.3 Using colour to enhance fantastical creatures

22. Wrap-up
22.1 Revealing the final line-up
22.2 Delivering the final product

Bonus Lessons
1.1 Bonus – Slowdown timelapse of Colouring the male adult character
1.2 Bonus – Slowdown timelapse of Colouring the female adult character
1.3 Bonus ~ Slowdown timelapse of Rendering an older man
1.4 Bonus – Slowed down timelapse of Rendering an older woman
1.5 Bonus – Slowdown timelapse of using colour to enhance fantastical creatures

[21 Draw] Stylized Characters for Freelance Projects.7z
[21 Draw] Stylized Characters for Freelance Projects_Subtitles.7z

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    I really hope you guys could get this course 🥺
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Some of these videos won’t play/download, and log me out of my account, such as “3.2 What is the Target Audience?.mp4” for example. They show the splash page for slow download or premium downloads, but neither works on those. There are about 6 or so of these videos that do that, while the rest seem to be fine.

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