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Russian Academic Drawing Approach – Iliya Mirochnik


Release date:2018, June

Author:Iliya Mirochnik

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Join Ukrainian-born artist Iliya Mirochnik as he passes on a 250-year-old academic method preserved at the Repin Academy in Saint Petersburg, Russia and seldom taught outside of the Academy and never before on camera. This course represents our most comprehensive drawing program, with many lectures, examples, and step-by-step assignments to teach you this constructive and observational hybrid approach.

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01 – Materials & Set-up
01.Course Introduction
02.Materials & Studio overview
03.Supplies overview
04.Materials & Set-up
05.Stretching Paper
06.Stretching Paper Assignment
07.Sharpening Your Pencil
08.Sharpening Your Pencil Assignment

02 – An Introduction to Mark-Making
01.Straight & Curved Lines Overview
02.Straight & Curved Lines Instructor Demonstration
03.Straight & Curved Lines Assignment Instructions
04.Point-To-Point Lines Instructor Demonstration
05.Point-To-Point Lines Assignment Instroctions
06.Making Flat Tones Instructor Demonstration
07.Making Flat Tones Assignment Instructions
08.Making Hatch Marks Instructor
09.Making Hatch Marks Assignment Instructions
10.Combining Hatch Marks And Flat Tones Instructor Demonstration
11.Combinging Hatch Marks And Flat Tone Assignment Instructions

03 – Measuring from Observation
01.Measuring from Life Overview
02.Transferring Angles With The Knitting Needles Instructor Demonstration
03.Transferring Angles With The Knitting Needles Assignment Instructions
04.Measruing From Photos Instructor Demonstration
05.Measuring From Photos Assignment Instructions
06.Measuring Proportion Instructor Demonstration
07.Measuring Proportion Assignment Instructions

04 – Geometric Forms
01.The Box From Observation Overview
02.The Box From Observation Instructor Demonstration
03.The Box From Observation Assignment Instructions
04.Constructing The Box Instructor Demonstration
05.Constructng The Box Assignment Instructions
06.Constructing The Box From Observation Instructor Demonstration
07.Constructing The Box From Observation Assignment Instructions
08.How To Draw Ellipses Instructor Demonstration
09.Placing Ellipses In Perspective
10.Drawing Free-Hand Ellipses
11.Drawing Ellipses Assignment Instructions
12.Drawing The Cylinder From Observation Instructor Demonstration
13.Constructing The Cylinder From Observation Instructor Demonstration
14.Drawing The Cylinder From Life Assignment Instructions
15.Constructing The Cylinder From Imagination Instructor Demo
16.The Cone And Truncated Cone Instructor Demonstration
17.The Cone And Truncated Cone Assignment Instructions

05 – Light & Shadow
01.Introduction To Light & Shadow Overview
02.Introduction To Light & Shadow Instructor Lecture
03.Lighting A Cylinder Assignment Instructions
04.Lighting A Box Instructor Demonstration
05.Adding Half-Tones To The Box Instructor Demonstration
06.Lighting The Box Assignment Instructions
07.Prism Sequence Project Instructor Demonstration
08.Prism Sequence Project Assignment Instructions
09.Sphere And Soccerball Project
10.Sphere & Soccerball Project Assignment Instructions
11.The Terminator Line Instructor Demo
12.The Terminator Line Assignment Instructions

06 – Still Life Project
01.Geometric Still Life Project Overview
02.Geometric Still Life Project Blocking In
03.Geometric Still Life Project Applying Shadow
04.Geometric Still Life Project Half-Tones
05.Geometric Still Life Project Assignment Instructions

07 – Planes of the Head Project
01.Planes Of The Head Project Overview
02.Planes Of The Head Project Block-In Instructor Demonstration
03.Planes Of The Head Project Adding Shadow Instructor Demonstration
04.Planes Of The Head Project Half-Tones Instructor Demonstration
05.Planes Of The Head Project Instructor Demonstration Finalizing
06.Planes Of The Head Project Assignment Instructions
07.Fundamentals Course Closing Remarks

08 – The Skull
02.Skull Drawing Project Overview
03.Skull Drawing Project Instructor Demonstration Part 1
04.Instructor Demonstration Part 2 Putting In Shadows
05.Instructor Demonstration Part 3 Adding Half Tones
06.Instructor Demonstration Part 4
07.Instructor Demonstration Part 5 Completion
08.Skull Drawing Project Assignment Instructions
09.Anatomical Terminology Overview
10.Anatomical Terminology Lecture
11.Anatomical Terminology Assignment Instructions
12.The Anatomy Of The Skull Overview
13.The Bones Of The Cranium Lecture
14.Facial Bones Of The Skull Lecture
15.The Cephalometric Points Lecture
16.Tumbling Skulls Project Instructor Demonstration Part 1
17.Tumbling Skulls Project Instructor Demonstration Part 2
18.Tumbling Skulls Project Assignment Instructions

09 – Deep Muscles of the Face
01.Deep Muscles of the Face Overview
02.Deep Muscles Of The Face Instructor Demonstration
03.Anatomical Forms
04.Internal Outlines And Forms
05.Establishing Outlines
06.Half Tones And Shadows Part 1
07.Half Tones And Shadows Part 2
09.Deep Muscles Of The Face Assignment Instructions

10 – The Skeletal Shoulder Girdle
01.The Skeletal Shoulder Girdle Overview
02.The Skeletal Shoulder Girdle Instructor Demonstration
03.The Anterior Part Of The Shoulder Girdle
04.The Posterior Part Of The Shoulder Girdle
05.Planes Of The Head Project Instructor Demonstration Finalizing
05.The Skeletal Shoulder Girdle Assignment Instructions
06.Planes Of The Head Project Assignment Instructions

11 – Muscles of the Neck
01.Muscles of the Neck
02.Muscles Of The Neck Instructor Demonstration
03.Half Tones And Shadows
05.Deep Muscles Of The Face Assignment Instructions

12 – Portrait Assignment
01.Portrait Assignment Overview
02.Portrait Assignment Instructor Demonstration Part 1
03.Portrait Assignment Instructor Demonstration Part 2
04.Portrait Assignment Instructor Demonstration Part 3
05.Portrait Assignment Instructor Demonstration Part 4
06.Portrait Assignment Instructor Demonstration Part 5
07.Portrait Assignment Instructor Demonstration Part 6
08.Portrait Assignment Instructions

13 – The Skeletal Pelvis & Ribcage
01.Lesson Overview
02.The Pelvis & Ribcage
03.Pelvis Demonstration Part 1
04.Pelvis Demonstration Part 3
05.Pelvis Demonstration Part 4
06.Pelvis Demonstration Part 5
07.Pelvis Demonstration Part 6
08.Posterior Pelvis Demonstration
09.Drawing The Pelvis Assignment Instructions
10.Ribcage Demonstration Part 1
11.Ribcage Demonstration Part 2
12.Ribcage Demonstration Part 3
13.Ribcage Demonstration Part 4
14.Posterior Ribcage Demonstration
15.Side Ribcage Demonstration
16.Drawing The Ribcage Assignment Instructions

14 – Muscles of the Torso
01.Lesson Overview
02.Muscles Of Front Torso Demonstration Part 1
03.Muscles Of Front Torso Demonstration Part 2
04.Muscles Of Front Torso Demonstration Part 3
05.Muscles Of Front Torso Assignment Instructions
06.Muscles Of Rear Torso Demonstration Overview
07.Muscles Of Rear Torso Demonstration Part 1
08.Muscles Of Rear Torso Demonstration Part 2
09.Muscles Of Rear Torso Demonstration Part 3
10.Muscles Of Rear Torso Demonstration Part 4
11.Muscles Of Rear Torso Demonstration Assignment Instructions

15 – Anatomy of the Leg
01. The Anatomy of the Leg Demonstration Overview
02.The Skeletal Leg Demonstration
03.Muscles Of The Leg Demonstration Part 1
04.Muscles Of The Leg Demonstration Part 2
05.Muscles Of The Leg Demonstration Part 3
06.Muscles Of The Leg Demonstration Part 4
07.Muscles Of The Leg Demonstration Part 5
08.Muscles Of The Leg Demonstration Part 6
09.Muscles Of The Leg Demonstration Part 7
10.Muscles Of The Leg Demonstration Part 8
11.Muscles Of The Leg Demonstration Part 9
12.The Anatomy Of The Leg Assignment Instructions

16 – Anatomy of the Arm
01.The Anatomy of the Arm Demonstration Oveview
02.The Skeletal Arm Demonstration
03.Muscles Of The Arm Demonstration Part 1
04.Muscles Of The Arm Demonstration Part 2
05.Muscles Of The Arm Demonstration Part 3
06.Muscles Of The Arm Demonstration Part 4
07.Muscles Of The Arm Demonstration Part 5
08.Muscles Of The Arm Demonstration Part 6
09.The Anatomy Of The Arm Assignment Instructions

17 – Short-Pose Drawings
01.Lesson Overview
02.Introduction To Quick Pose Demonstrations
03.Quick Poses With Simplified Construction
04.Quick Poses With Focus On Contour & Line
05.Quick Poses With Focus On Direct Tone
06.Quick Poses Combining Contour & Tone
07.Quick Pose Assignment

18 – Medium Long-Pose Drawings
01.Introduction to Medium Long Pose Demonstrations
02.Medium Long Pose – Seated Back Part 1
03.Medium Long Pose Part 2
04.Medium Long Pose Assignment

19 – Long-Pose Project
01.Introduction to Long Pose Figure Drawing
02.Long Pose Part 1
03.Long Pose Part 2
04.Long Pose Part 3
05.Long Pose Part 4
06.Long Pose Part 5
07.Long Pose Part 6
08.Long Pose Part 7
09.Long Pose Part 8
10.Long Pose Part 9
11.Long Pose Part 10
12.Long Pose Part 11
13.Long Pose Part 12
14.Long Pose Part 13
15.Long Pose Part 14
16.Long Pose Part 15
17.Long Pose Part 16
18.Long Pose Part 17
19.Final Assignment Instructions
20.Instructor Signoff

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  1. strawberry, in media file cloud the timer gets loading and loading and loading for all videos in other tutorials also where could the problem be

  2. This course added some new contents. Now it has 35 chapters instead of 19. Can you upload those as well? Thank you!!!

  3. yeah strawberry please upload them i have to crop images from VLC player.This is such a good course for anyone its a shame there aren’t any reference images.

  4. Lecture 10 anatomical terminology lecture of part the skull seams incomplete. Please have a look its important in this course.

  5. can you upload Plaster Cast Drawing: The Russian Approach

  6. Wow , this is probably the best video quality for NMA I ever found online , and its so comprehensive , thank you SOOO much, I have one request if possible

    I know its not a course but its really helpful software and I cant afford it, or if you know a free alternative , it shuffle poses from local files like the quickpose and other websites. thanks again for all your effort

    • so the only version I found for this software anywhere online is mac , I will try to install mac on vm today and see it can work , but there must be some free software for this , it sound like a very easy concept for software but effective for gesture drawing

  7. Hello Strawberry, I am unable to access the content. “MidiaFiles” is not working. The following message is appearing:”Internal Server Error

    Oops! Something went wrong.

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    Error Code:ย 500″.

    What do I do now? Is there another way to watch and download content?
    Note: All courses are having this problem.

  8. Strawberry can u plss add more chapters to this course and plss upload a new updated version.. there r now 35 courses instead of 19

  9. This course has been updated to include cast drawing and drapery sections. Would it be possible to add those videos too? Thank you so much for this site!

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  12. 07 โ€“ Planes of the Head Project

    hi chapters 5 and 6 cant be downloaded, i tried multiple times but it seems i cant as well is there any problem with the files? thanks in advance

    Also thanks a lot for your effort in this page btw its being really helpful for me

    • I think those parts for some reason are places in ”10 โ€“ The Skeletal Shoulder Girdle” – 5 & 6 about head planes

  13. 07 – Planes of the Head Project, Lesson 5, can’t upload it doesn’t matter how many times I try. Haven’t tried the ones after that because I’m stuck at this one.

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