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Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity


Release date:2018, January 8

Author:Daniel Wise

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Building games using Unity 3D has been very exciting for developers. Sharing that game with your friends and learning C# along the way and can be even more rewarding

You will get acquainted with basic working information on how to get started with C# 7 and its latest features to create exciting games with help of Unity 5. From here, you can then Implement these features to develop a Flappy Bird application. Once you have developed your first application and gained expertise then you can now use some more features of C# and Unity to create a 2D version of Space Shooter Application and then develop a First-Person Shooter Application in 3D and enjoy its effects. Moving forward you will explore Object oriented Programming to simplify your codes and finally sharing your games with your loved ones.

Along the way you will learn topics ranging from basic to intermediate concepts and create 3 games of your own. You will amaze yourself as you create fun games all while learning more about C# and game development.

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01 – The Course Overview
02 – Classes and Methods
03 – Strings, Integers, Booleans, and Floats
04 – Using and Defining Methods
05 – Namespaces
06 – Conditionals
07 – Loops
08 – Unity and C# Documentation
09 – Downloading and Exploring the Unity Engine
10 – The Asset File Tree and Organizing Files
11 – Unity’s Asset Store
12 – The Hierarchy and Parent_Child Object Relations, Scene View Controls
13 – The Inspector, Navigation, and Service Side Tabs
14 – Unity Preferences and Play Mode
15 – Crafting Our Scene, Creating Our First Script, and a Few Unity Methods
16 – Rigidbodies and Scripting Player Input
17 – Creating a Camera Follow Script
18 – Adding Colliders and Player Death
19 – Creating UI Text and Adding Buttons
20 – Restarting the Game, Player Victory, and Using OnClick Methods
21 – A Quick Look at Some Debugging Tools
22 – Modifying for Mobile
23 – Scripting All-Around Movement, and Implementing Particle Effects
24 – Camera Damping, Creating Prefabs, and the Shooting Script
25 – Using an Array and Loop to Instantiate Prefabs
26 – Player Death After Loss of Lives, Unity Lists, and Asteroid Destruction
27 – Incrementing the Score and Adding Sound Effects
28 – First-Person View with Shooting
29 – Adding Enemies and Implementing Navigation Meshes
30 – Simple State Machine and Utilizing a Sphere Overlap
31 – Player Health Bar, Enemy Health Bar, and Death
32 – Time Limit
33 – Animations
34 – What is OOP and Why is it Important
35 – Explaining Inheritance
36 – Utilizing Inheritance Between Patrolling and Stationary Enemies
37 – Explaining Interfaces
38 – Utilizing an Interface Between Enemies and Destructible Game Objects
39 – Building Our Game and Sharing It
40 – Getting Started with the Network Manager
41 – Modifying for Multi-Player
42 – Creating a Custom Network Manager for Character Select
43 – Fixing up Our Custom Network Manager and Testing Our Game


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