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Hard Surface Design by Lars Sowig


Release date:2022, October 2

Duration:12 h 15 m

Author:Lars Sowig

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Welcome to the world of hard surface prop design! I’m Lars Sowig, a concept artist, and I’ll be your guide throughout this course. Together, we’ll explore my professional workflow for creating high-quality hard surface props of any size.

From the initial blocking and modeling stages to the final touches of texturing and rendering, I’ll walk you through each step of the process. We’ll focus on not only creating the props themselves but also on designing stickers and decals to add that extra level of detail and customization.

Hard surface props play a crucial role in movies, TV shows, and video games, and as a prop designer, you have the power to bring these worlds to life. This course will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a sought-after prop designer in the industry.

Throughout the course, I’ll share my insights and techniques accumulated from years of professional experience. You’ll learn how to approach different prop designs, master the intricacies of modeling and texturing hard surface objects, and bring your creations to life through rendering.

By the end of the course, you’ll have the confidence and expertise to tackle any prop design project. Whether you aspire to work on movies, TV shows, or video games, this course will help you pave the way to becoming a skilled and versatile prop designer.

So, why shouldn’t you be the one to create the props that captivate audiences and enhance immersive experiences? Join me on this exciting journey as we delve into the world of hard surface prop design!

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1. Blocking
1. Introduction

Breaking into the Industry
Course Overview
Meet Lars

2. Prop Design Basics

Breaking down a Prop
What is Prop Design

3. Idea Generation

Brief Builder Tool
Finding Reference
Idea Generation Homework

4. Blocking Basics

Intro to Maya
Order of Complexity
Shape Principle
Simple Blocking Homework
Simple Prop Blocking

5. Initial Blockout

Combining Designs
Concept Blocking Homework
First Blockout
Second Blockout
Third Blockout

6. Blocking Refinement

Small Details
Usability Features

7. Conclusion

Blockout Review
Final Blockout Homework

8. Bonus

Combining Designs Bonus
First Blockout Bonus
Second Blockout Bonus
Small Details Bonus
Third Blockout Bonus
Usability Features Bonus

2. Modeling
1. Introduction

Lesson Overview Modeling

2. Fusion 360 Demo

Checking Your Work
Finishing the Build
Fusion 360 Demo Homework
Fusion 360 Interface
Reference Layout Trick
Rounded Edges
Scaling Trick
Simple Fusion 360 Build

3. Initial Tracing

Import to Fusion 360
Industry Tips
Initial Tracing Homework
Preparing Your Model
Tracing the Model

4. Links

How to use Links
Links Homework
Setting up Links

5. Modeling in Stages

Primary Read Body
Primary Read Handle
Primary Read Robot Head
Secondary Read Body
Secondary Read Connections
Secondary Read Robot Head
Tertiary Read
Why Model in Stages

6. Robot Hand Details

Arm Connection
Hand Design

7. Conclusion

Modeling Homework
Modeling Review

8. Bonus

Industry Tps Bonus
Preparing your Model Bonus
Primary Read Part 1 Bonus
Primary Read Part 2 Bonus
Robot Hand Details Bonus
Secondary Read Part 1 Bonus
Secondary Read Part 2 Bonus
Secondary Read Part 3 Bonus
Setting up Links Bonus
Tertiary Read Part 1 bonus
Tertiary Read Part 2 Bonus
Tracing the Model Bonus

3. Texturing
1. Introduction

Lesson Overview Texturing

2. Keyshot Setup

Example Scene
Export from Fusion 360
Keyshot Interface Homework
KeyShot Interface

3. Materials

Basic Materials
Materials Homework
Materials Review
Second Pass
Small Details Texturing
Wear and Tear

4. Planning Labels

Designing Text
Label Placement Homework
Label Placement
Using Labels

5. Adding Labels

Applying Labels
Creating Labels
Exporting Labels
Final Labels Homework

6. Bonus

Applying Labels Bonus
Creating Labels Bonus
Exporting Labels Bonus
Materials Bonus

4. Rendering
1. Introduction

Lesson Overview Rendering

2. Preparing the Image

Framing Compositions
Posting the Model
Rendering in Keyshot

3. Paintover

Adjusting Contrast
Correcting the Render
Material Textures
Paintover Homework
Photoshop Setup
Small Details Rendering
Weathering Textures

4. Post Processing

Environmental Effects
Last Minute Additions
Post Processing Homework

5. Alternate Angle

Adding Details
Alternate Angle Homework
Creating another Environment
Second Image Setup

6. Blueprint Render

Adding Graphics
Blueprint Layout Homework
Blueprint Render Homework
Building More Emphasis
Establishing the Style
Separating Elements
Standardizing Layout
Stylized Shadows

7. Conclusion

Client Review Simulation
Final Art Review
Taking Client Feedback

8. Bonus

Alternate Angle Bonus
Blueprint Render Bonus
Paintover Bonus
Post Processing Bonus
Preparing the Image Bonus

[Learn Squared] Hard Surface Design by Lars Sowig.7z.rar
[Learn Squared] Hard Surface Design by Lars Sowig_Subtitles.7z

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