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From Basics to Practice: Creating Cute Live2D for VTubers – 기초부터 실전까지, 버튜버용 Live2D 제작 입문 [Coloso, Rariemonn (Lariemon), Group Buy]


Release date:2023, November 20

Author:Rariemonn (Lariemon)

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Live2D Modeler, Lariemon
From the essential knowledge needed to create Live2D for Vtubers to the key points required for outsourcing, we will share Live2D production techniques to achieve natural and adorable results.

As a character design expert hailed as the father of Japanese virtual characters, Lariemon unveils his secrets to capturing public attention:

Discover the know-how to create your own captivating characters, drawing from Lariemon’s extensive experience crafting approximately 80 characters, from Shigure Ui to Shirakami Fubuki, through various collaborations.

Lariemon’s Step-by-Step Live2D Production Guide​

Lariemon, a renowned Live2D modeler responsible for breathing life into many popular Vtubers, specializes in creating natural and endearing character animations. In this course, Lariemon shares the essential techniques for Live2D production tailored for Vtubers.

Start by delving into Live2D production basics such as partitioning parts, creating art meshes, and organizing drawing orders. Progress through character animation techniques using example illustrations to infuse personality and charm into your creations.

Once you grasp the Live2D production workflow, dive into loading and setting up characters in tracking software like Vtuber Studio. Gain insights into commercial Live2D production nuances from Lariemon’s international experience, learning about timing considerations and essential details.

Unlock Lariemon’s Live2D production techniques tailored to capture the unique charm of Vtubers, exclusively on Coloso!​

Lariemon’s Portfolio Highlights, featuring collaborations with numerous popular Vtubers:
Master the fundamentals of Live2D production for Vtubers:​
  • PSD illustration component breakdowns
  • Creating eye blinks and movements
  • Crafting mouth animations synchronized with vowel expressions
  • Developing facial expressions and costume variations to broaden character expression capabilities
  • Designing natural facial angles
  • Implementing idol-like movements
  • Constructing body motions with contrapposto awareness
  • Establishing realistic physical operations
Course Features:​

Comprehensive instruction on Live2D production essentials for Vtubers:
Learn all the skills and techniques necessary to create Live2D characters under Lariemon’s expert guidance. Gain a deep understanding of Live2D production for Vtubers, from partitioning illustration data to importing into Vtuber Studio, with insightful commentary throughout.

Techniques for creating adorable Live2D models:
Study techniques to maintain the illustrator’s artistic vision through expressive animations and character modeling. Explore methods for animating cute girl illustrations based on illustration data, enriching your repertoire of production ideas.

Insights into outsourcing requirements:
Benefit from Lariemon’s experience managing outsourcing projects abroad. Gain insights into streamlining data preparation and production direction, focusing on efficiency and quality control in Live2D production workflows.

You can find more details by following this link.


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