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Creating 2D Animations with VCRWORKS [Coloso, VCRWORKS (VCR Works), GBC Dub]


Release date:2023, October 23

Duration:09 h 36 m

Author:VCRWORKS (VCR Works)

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Are you struggling to find an in-depth class that goes over the entire animation process instead of focusing on specific themes like fairytales or concept art?

Learn how to animate from A to Z with VCRWORKS, a leading studio in the animation industry with a portfolio that includes the animation Brawl Stars as well as work experience with JTBC, Samsung Electronics, and RM from BTS. Get ready to dive into the real process of creating 2D animations!

This class doesn’t require any prior knowledge about animation. VCRWORKS will take you through each step of the animation work process from writing a story to animating and adding final touches.

You will practice making your own animation by following a plan that is optimal for individuals and small teams, allowing you to equip yourself with the knowledge required to navigate various challenges and obstacles and become an experienced animator.

Expert 2D Animation Studio VCRWORKS’ Portfolio
Why Take This Class?​

Focusing on specifics is not enough to fully grasp the 2D animation process.
Try making your own animated film so that you can grasp all the essentials!
In this class, you will produce a one-minute animated video and experience the three stages of creating 2D animations: pre-production, production, and post-production.
Moreover, as a studio known for its unique color and style, VCRWORKS will share tips and tricks for giving a more vibrant look to your work and adding final details through editing and compositing.
This is the only class where you can experience the lengthy step-by-step process of producing an animated film while also acquiring practical animation skills.

10 Class Exercises:​

  • Ideation and Creating a Storyboard
  • Creating a Videoboard and Checklist
  • Setting up a Layout
  • Using TVPaint
  • Animatics
  • Rough Animations
  • Cleaning Up and Coloring
  • Creating Artwork
  • Speeding up the Drawing Process with Cinema 4D
  • Adding Finishing Touches with After Effects
  • Final product: Countdown
Class Highlights​

An All-in-One Class For Beginners To Learn How to Animate From A to Z:
Explore the essentials of the lengthy process of creating an animation in stages as well as how to use animation software such as TVPaint step by step.
Exceptional Animation Skills That Bring Characters to Life:
Learn animation skills from VCRWORKS whose unique style has made the studio successful across all genres from commercials and music videos to original animations, focusing on techniques that give characters a vibrant look.
Compositing and Editing Techniques To Improve Quality:
Learn how to arrange and compose cuts in an appealing way and compositing techniques to enhance the film’s quality in After Effects.

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