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V-Ray – Control Color Bleed in Blender


Release date:2017, February

Duration:01 h 05 m

Author:Brian Bradley

Skill level:Intermediate


Exercise files:Yes

Overcome the color bleed phenomenon that can occur in global illumination renders. Brian Bradley shows you how in this course. First, Brian discusses what color bleed is and why it occurs. Then, he dives into measures you can take to control color bleed and produce physically accurate color. He explains how white balance, saturation, light, and geometry impact color bleed. He also demonstrates how you can work with object properties, channels, and other tools to prevent, contain, or limit color bleed.
Topics include:
How light works
Geometry setup
White balance control
Use of problem colors
Saturation control
Single-bounce primary engines
GI multiplier control
Wrapper material
Override material
Color mapping and color bleed
V-Ray object properties
Render channels

Table of Contents

Introduction and Important
Information Welcome 1m 13s
What you should know before watching this course 50s
Using the exercise files 50s
Software versions in use 1m 17s
How our test scene is set up 2m 6s
1. Color Bleed Basics
A little bit about how light works 5m 29s
Defining color bleed 4m 53s
2. Physically Accurate Color Bleed Control
Controlling reflectance through color values 3m 43s
Controlling reflectance in bitmap images 2m 35s
How geometry setup can affect color bleed 3m 18s
The power of the White balance control 2m 49s
Choosing placement of problem colors 2m 1s
3. Global Illumination Controls
The Saturation Post-processing control 3m 50s
Single-bounce primary engines 3m 4s
Beware the Gl multiplier control 2m 55s
Saving Gl map files to disk 3m 54s
4. Other Color Bleed Control Options
Wrapper material 3m 50s
Override material 2m 51s
Color mapping and color bleed 3m
V-Ray object properties 3m 36s
Render channels setup 2m 21s
Using render channels 4m 28s
What next? 59s

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