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Step-by-Step Face Coloring from Basic to Advanced [Coloso, Erak Note, Group Buy]


Release date:2024, January 30

Duration:18 h 54 m

Author:Erak Not

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Why Take This Class?​

Discover the secrets of renowned artist Erak Note, whose captivating illustrations and meticulous attention to facial details have earned admiration from countless artists worldwide. Dive into his professional expertise exclusively at Coloso.

In this class, you’ll systematically develop robust skills for crafting high-quality illustrations. From mastering techniques to imbue flat drawings with a sense of volume to refining your coloring abilities based on light properties, you’ll gain comprehensive knowledge to elevate your artwork.

Explore the ultimate curriculum tailored for everyone, whether you’re a beginner seeking Erak Note’s drawing insights or an experienced illustrator aiming to enhance your understanding of volume and coloring techniques.

9 Class Exercises​
  1. Practice Controlling Volume for Frameless Shapes
  2. Drawing Faces from Various Angles
  3. Controlling Volume in Facial Features and Coloring Details
  4. Managing Volume in Monochrome Character Depictions
  5. Adding Facial Color in Monochrome
  6. Creating and Refining Light Rendering Layers
  7. Tackling Complex Jewelry and Patterns
  8. Detailed Particularization of Each Element
  9. Finalizing and Perfecting Corrections
Class Highlight​

Mastering the Basics of Painterly Coloring
Explore techniques for mastering glazing coloring, including drawing lines and surfaces with pen pressure, and learn tips for seamlessly blending surfaces to create detailed and visually appealing portraits.

Learn to Control Proportions and Volume by Focusing on Characters’ Faces
Discover the secrets to maintaining consistent proportions and volume in facial features, ensuring stability and realism in your illustrations. Gain insights into expressing three-dimensional characteristics and understanding the structural dynamics of eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

Adding Three-Dimensionality to Characters Through Glazing Coloring Technique
Delve into advanced coloring techniques to infuse your characters with depth and dimensionality. Through detailed practice sessions focusing on facial features and clothing, master the art of separating and integrating volume and color to create striking and lifelike illustrations.

You can find more details by following this link.
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