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Pixel Art Environments – 2D Environment Design Animation by Reece Geofroy


Release date:2023, May

Duration:03 h 34 m

Author:Reece Geofroy

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Want to make your games stand out? Pixel art is quick and easy when you know how!

Learn how to create your own top-down and platformer-based Pixel Art Environments in just a few hours.

Using the highly popular LibreSprite / Aseprite, you’ll create dozens of pixel art assets throughout this course, including nature and interior environments such as brick walls, castle decorations, and more.

You’ll develop the skills to quickly create Pixel Art backgrounds and landscapes and craft Pixel Thisrt objects and environmental assets for decoration in no time!

This helps make your game stand out, which is ideal for game jams, packed game stores, portfolios, and much more!

From creating Environment Pixel Art, understanding colors, creating animations, and designing game backgrounds. You’ll do it all!

By the end of the course, you’ll know how to create tile sets for top-down and platformer games, have designed game backgrounds, and built basic animations for assets and landscapes.

And the environment design process can be applied to all types of 2D environment design, not just Pixel Art.

Whether you’re a beginner with pixel art, more intermediate and want to improve your skills, or a game developer working with 2D Engines, this course will help you.

Your instructor, Reece, will provide many tips and tricks to quickly and efficiently improve your asset creation process.

All students have access to the Q&A, where our Instructors, Teaching Assistants, and Community are ready to help answer your questions and cheer on your success.

Jump in and start creating your excellent environments now!

Watch online or Download for Free
1 – Introduction Setup

01 – Welcome To The Course
02 – Download Software
03 – Community Support
04 – Getting Started with Libresprite
05 – Lighting Colors
06 – Exporting Sprite Sheets
07 – Importing Sprite Sheets
08 – Topdown vs Platformer Sprites
09 – Section Wrapup Introduction Setup

2 – Creating Tilesets Assets

10 – Section Intro Creating Tilesets Assets
11 – Whats A Tileset
12 – Topdown Grass Tilesets
13 – Topdown Nature Assets
14 – Platformer Grass Tilesets
15 – Platformer Nature Assets
16 – Create A Dungeon Tileset
17 – Design Assets For Dungeons
18 – Section Wrapup Creating Tilesets Assets

3 – Designing Backgrounds

19 – Section Intro Designing Backgrounds
20 – Create A Sky Background
21 – Create A Castle Background
22 – Creating Loopable Backgrounds
23 – Create A Landscape Backgrounds
24 – Create A Landscape Foregrounds
25 – Polish Your Landscape
26 – Section Wrapup Designing Backgrounds

4 – Polishing Environments

27 – Section Intro Polishing Environments
28 – Exporting Animations
29 – Animating Cutscenes
30 – Animating Objects
31 – Building Game Scenes Backgrounds
32 – Building Game Scenes Foregrounds
33 – Building Game Scenes Decorations
34 – Building Game Scenes Night Cycle
35 – Section Wrapup Polishing Environments

[Udemy] Pixel Art Environments – 2D Environment Design Animation by Reece Geofroy.7z

[Udemy] Pixel Art Environments – 2D Environment Design Animation by Reece Geofroy_Subtitles.7z

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