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Graphic Design Theory – Typography by Martin Perhiniak


Release date:2022, May

Author:Martin Perhiniak

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes


Welcome to the second part of my Graphic Design Theory Series: Typography! In this course, we’ll delve into the world of fonts and learn critical principles on how to use them as a defining element of your design, supporting and enhancing the message you want to convey.

This course is perfect for anyone who appreciates great typography on posters and clean reading experiences on websites. If you’re a designer, understanding the governing rules of typography will be a fundamental element of your creative career. It will allow you to masterfully set the tone of your design, establish subtle hierarchy within the composition, and control the attention of your viewers.

I created this course to help you avoid the common traps and mistakes that can disrupt legibility and readability of text in your compositions. By the end of this course, you’ll develop a critical eye for the right font, know how to adjust them slightly to make the good perfect, and stand out as a designer.

We’ll explore all practical aspects of typography, including effective type picking and pairing, key type anatomy terms, and the classification of typefaces. You’ll learn about the difference between typefaces and fonts, calligraphy and lettering, text alignment, grids, and text and image positioning. We’ll cover professional font customization, best practices for creating visual interest and controlling perception, common typography mistakes and ways to avoid them, the golden rules of choosing text color, and useful keyboard shortcuts in Adobe design applications.

Throughout the course, we’ll analyze various designs, from posters, book covers, business cards, and billboards to websites, mobile apps, and banner ads. This will make the training fun and help you understand and remember the terms we cover through these examples. We’ll also carefully go through every setting option to adjust the type and explore how it affects the overall visual and legibility.

What you’ll learn

  • Enhance the readability and legibility of text for print and web with this course
  • Discover how typography can strengthen your message and enhance the style of your text
  • Master the art of selecting and pairing typefaces for presentations, brochures, landing pages, book covers, and more
  • Understand the different roles of fonts and when to use them in your designs
  • Develop a keen eye for detail when it comes to leading, kerning, and measure
  • Become confident in sizing text for web and print
  • Learn important font anatomy terms to communicate effectively with other creative professionals.
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