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Developing an Interactive Menu in Unreal Engine 5


Release date:2022, June

Author:UNF Games

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Not Provided

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Blueprints
  • Learn Niagara and VFX
  • Learn to make UI Art
  • Learn to create games in Unreal Engine 5

A basic understanding on Unreal Engine 5 is required.

Made by UNF Games, the first course taught by 3 veterans in the game industry is now available in Udemy.

In this course you will learn how to create a complete Game Feature in Unreal Engine 5 using the Style of Genshin Impact.

This course is not about showing you one part of game development, is about showing you the complete picture.

You will learn Blueprints, Niagara, Materials, UI and how to make them work together to create an entire Game Feature.

UI is one of the most least overlooked topics on Game Development and almost all games have one. To make a great UI is all about User Experience and that can make the difference between someone liking or disliking your game.

Learn Blueprints:
You will learn the best practices used by professionals in Game Dvevelopment to create Widgets and organize them to create any kind of UI. Not only that but you will learn Blueprint Communication and connect your Gameplay with the UI creating a great User Experience.

Learn Niagara and VFX:
You will learn how to decorate your Menu using Niagara and learn Materials to create magical effects. Niagara is one of the most important features in Unreal Engine and learning it can give you a huge advantage to make your games stand out from the croud.

Learn to make UI Art:
You will learn how to decorate your widgets using Photoshop to create nice and stylish themes for your UI and enhance the User Experience.

Who is Course for?
Beginner Game Developers who want to create games in Unreal Engine 5

Watch online or Download for Free
01 – Project Setup

001 Breakdown of the example
002 Creating the project and adding the character
003 Setting up the input
004 Create needed framework and character classes
005 Menu location teleport and menu character camera

02 – Classic UI

001 Creation of Menu Widget and show it to the player
002 Add mouse interaction to the menu
003 Using modularity to our advantage to develop better interfaces

03 – Spacial UI

001 Orb blueprint creation
002 Using Polar Coordinates to generate the orbs around the character
003 Attaching orbs to an actor to control their movement
004 Clicking the orbs and sending information through event dispatchers
005 Rotating the orbs to the selected one
006 Idle Orb rotation
007 Orb rotation state
008 Creating the orb container class
009 Orb selection working properly
010 Creating the sub menu, and opening it thoru the orbs

04 – Orb Animation

001 Making the orb go up and down
002 Changing camera settings with each menu option
003 Orbs should be hidden when I choose another option
004 Character animations change when we select different options
005 VFX Intro
006 Making the Cloud texture and mesh
007 Making the Background Material
008 Making the Colored Cloud
009 Making the Mesh UVs
010 Making the Front Cloud Material
011 Fixes & Making the Star Texture
012 Star Material & Emitter
013 Last touches on the background
014 Making the Ring Texture and Material
015 Ring noise and Material
016 Implemeting Glow to the niagara system
017 Ring spawn Texture & material
018 Making the Flare Texture
019 Flare Emitter
020 Making the Flare stars
021 Analizing our reference for Styling the Buttons
022 Blocking out our Button
023 Creating the Button Masks
024 Animating the arrow
025 Changing the Text Style
026 Button Opacity tweaks
027 Creating the Portrait Textures
028 Creating the Avatar Material
029 Creating the Avatar Button
030 Creating the Avatar Hover Texture
031 Adding the Hover Button State for Avatars
032 Changing the Font for Character Menu
033 Creating the Exit Button Texture
034 Creating the Exit Button Widget
035 Adding the Shadow to the Exit Button
036 Switch Button creation
037 Creating the Menu Symbol Texture
038 Menu Symbol Widget
039 Creating the Extra Menu Button
040 Extra Menu Widget
041 Creating the Item Button Texture mask
042 Testing the First version of the Item color
043 Painting Icons with fundamentals
044 Refining the icon values
045 Coloring our Icon
046 Importing our UI texture
047 Creating the Item Widget
048 Fixing our Widget size
049 Adding Text to the Item
050 Using Grid Canvas to organize elements
051 Polishing the Avatar Background Texture
052 Creating the avatar image for items
053 Creating the Star Texture
054 Changing the Item Widget size
055 Importing High resolution Item Texture
056 Adding our Widget to the Orb Blueprint
057 Fixing the Orb Icon Rotation
058 Start the polish pass
059 Removing the orbs debug number
060 Adding the Anime Girl Character
061 Fixing the lightning for the menu
062 Added return to main menu button logic and fixed menu bug
063 Added menu states for a smoother experience
064 Polishing the camera after returning from the menu

[Udemy] Developing an Interactive Menu in Unreal Engine 5_Subtitles.7z

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