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Create 3D Models & Textures From Photos


Release date:2018, August

Author:Jeff Wilson

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Photogrammetry is a hot new field popping up all over the 3D art industry. Jeff Wilson is a pioneer of the newly emerging field. Join him, and his many guest speakers, as they tell you everything you need to know to get started with photogrammetry and make a career out of it.

The 5 most important lessons:

  • Create highly realistic texturing using Photogrammetry
  • Understand the fundamentals of scanning models with Agisoft
  • Cleaning up messy scan data with GeoMagic for workable topology
  • Gain a solid understanding of Photogrammetry and the many benefits that come with it
    Understand complex Photogrammetry techniques
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Project 01 Pre-Class Bonus Lectures

01 Scandata With Agisoft And 123dapp
02 Scandata Bust Of Joseph Drust
03 Scandata And Project All
04 Scandata And Projection Shell
05 Scandata Insert Brushes And Projection Master

Project 02 Getting Started with Photogrammetry

01 Intro
02 Basics Information On Cameras And Images
03 Q&a Break
04 Alligning Photos
05 Editing The Initial Scan And Building A Dense Reconstruction
06 Building The Texture
07 Q&a Part 1
08 Q&a Part 2

Project 03 Dealing With Reflective Surfaces In Photogrammetry

01 Circular Polarizer And Exporting
02 Additional Adjustments And Masking
03 Generating Point Clouds
04 Reducing Noise In Geomagic
05 Solving With All The Cameras
06 Sculpting In Blender
07 Retopology In Topogun With Agisoft Textures

Project 04 Creating Textures Using Photogrammetry

01 Introductio
02 Q&a
03 Cleaning Up Point Cloud
04 Alphas In Agisoft
05 Importing To 3ds Max
06 Sending To Mudbox And Altering Images For Texture
07 Using New Images For Texturing

Project 05 Cleaning up Scan Data With GeoMagic

01 Intro
02 Boot Photography
03 Exporting The Boot From Agisoft
04 Importing The Boot To Geomagic
05 Cleaning The Boot In Geomagic
06 Architectural Scanning
07 Q&a

Project 06 Creating Low Res Geometry In 3DS Max From Agisoft Scans

01 Exporting From Agisoft
02 Importing To 3ds Max
03 Strip Modeling
04 Checking Uvs And Correcting Projection
05 Modeling With Projection
06 Utilizing Mudbox And Photoshop
07 Q&a

Project 07 Creating Scans From A Kinect Device

01 Chris Parent Part 1-1
02 Chris Parent Part 2-2
03 Chris Parent Part 3-3
04 Scanning With The Kinect-4
05 Processing Kinect Data-5
06 Q&a-6

Project 08 Using A Multi Camera Setups In Photogrammetry

01 Head Scanning Multi Camera Set Up Part 1-1
02 Head Scanning Multi Camera Set Up Part 2-2
03 Getting Clean Results-3
04 Jerome Dejean-4
05 Russian 3d Scanner And Shine Off-5
06 Q&a-6

Project 09 Glauco Longhi On How To Enhance Scan Meshes

01 Cleaning Up The Scan Data
02 Detailing Part 1
03 Detailing Part 2
04 Detailing Part 3
05 Detailing Part 4
06 Polypainting

Project 10 Learn How To Use Agisoft Photoscan Pro

01 Introduction And Uav Data
02 Using Bounce Cards And Circular Polarizers
03 Classifying Ground Points
04 Using Markers
05 Q&a Part 1
06 Q&a Part 2

Project 11 Car Scanning Techniques

01 Introduction To Car Scanning
02 Dealing With Metalic Reflections
03 Editing Images For Best Results
04 Loading Images Into Photoscan
05 Test Generating Point Cloud
06 Test Creating And Modifying Dense Cloud
07 Q&a Part 1
08 Editing Markers On All Photos
09 Adjusting Dense Point Cloud
10 Agisoft To Maya Part 1
11 Agisoft To Maya Part 2

Project 5,6,7,11.7z
[Uartsy] Create 03D Models & Textures From Photos.7z.001
[Uartsy] Create 03D Models & Textures From Photos.7z.002
[Uartsy] Create 03D Models & Textures From Photos.7z.003
[Uartsy] Create 03D Models & Textures From Photos.7z.004
[Uartsy] Create 3D Models & Textures From Photos_Subtitles.7z

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