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The Art Of Effective Rigging In Blender


Release date:2019

Author:Crimson Ronin

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Rigging plays a very important role in both the gaming and film industry. A bad rig can make production a real nightmare while a good rig can save you a lot of time and allow you to achieve more with your characters and models. Unfortunately this is often bypassed as most 3D artists are quickly discouraged or intimidated by rigging. This course is designed to help you overcome this barrier and take your rigging skills to the next level.

I have over 7 years of rigging experience, but particularly in the past 3 years of my career I’ve been creating my own rigs for animation quite intensively, this has opened my mind to more efffective rigging techniques.

Who is this course for?
This course is suited to both beginners and more experienced riggers that wish to improve their skills. Whether this is the first time you add a bone to your Blender scene or you’ve already created several character rigs, this course is perfect for you.

What’s included with package?
57 videos divided in 6 chapters for an accumulated lenght of 10h 56mins.
All course assets (models, rigs and textures)
Blend files for each step of the course
Made in blender 2.80.
All rigs and models are provided with ther course.
All videos in HD 1080p mp4 at 30Fps

Content description :
Chapter 1: Covers the foundation of rigging from its very definition to its application in short, comprehensive videos.

Chapter 2: We will rig our first character, creating a very basic mechanism to learn the fundamentals of rigging. Including driver creation and custom properties.

Chapter 3: We’ll take our character to the next level by creating a much more complex mechanism from scratch, building on the previously aquired knowledge and pushing it further. Including switchable FK/IK chains, complex foot roll mechanism, rubber limbs, custom shapes, bone groups…etc

Chapter 4: Covers the different techniques used for facial rigging, whether it’s pure bone based or incorporates shapekeys.

Chapter 5: We will rig the Crimson Ronin character entirely (including accessories), including all chapter 3 mechanisms and additional facial rig technics.

Chapter 6: This chapter covers some of the mechanisms that weren’t covered in previous chapters such as an advanced tail rig, tongue rig, bbones and additional modifiers.

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00 Introduction-1
01-01-What Is Rigging-2
01-05-Armature Modifier-6
01-06-Vertex Groups-7

02-01-Deformation Skeleton-8
02-02-Bone Layer Manager-9
02-03-Assigning Armature-10
02-04-Torso Rig-11
02-05-Head And Neck-12
02-06-Drivers And Custom Properties-13
02-07 Finishing Head And Neck-14
02-08 Leg Rig – Inverse Kinematics-15
02-09 Foot Rig-16
02-10-Finishing Leg Rig-17
02-11-Rotation Modes-18
02-12-Arm Rig-19
02-13-Hand Rig-20
02-14-Ui And Bone Groups-21

03-01-Deformation Skeleton-22
03-02-Torso Rig-23
03-03-Neck And Head-24
03-04-Arm Rig-25
03-05-Hand Rig-26
03-06-Leg Rig-27
03-07-Foot Rig-28
03-09-Custom Shapes-30

04-01-Face Rig Overview-31
04-02-Eye Target Rig-32
04-03-Eyelid Rig Part1-33
04-04-Eyelid Rig Part2-34
04-05-Eyelid Rig Part3-35
04-06-Rigging With Shapekeys-36

05-01-Rigging The Crimson Ronin – Deformation-37
05-02-Def And Target Bones – Timelapse-38
05-03-Weight Editing Part1-39
05-04-Weight Editing Part2-Timelapse-40
05-05-Weight Editing Part3-Timelapse-41
05-06-Torso Rig-42
05-07-Arms Rig-43
05-08-Hands Rig-Timelapse-44
05-09-Legs Rig-Timelapse-45

05-10-Face Rig Part1-46
05-11-Face Rig Part2-Timelapse-47
05-12-Face Rig Part3-48
05-13-Blades Rig-49
05-14-Custom Shapes-Timelapse-50
05-15-Bonus-Making Of The Crimson Ronin Animation-51
05-16-Bonus-Making Of The Crimson Ronin Animation – Full Timelapse-52

06-01-Tongue And Tail-53
06-02-Adapting Your Rig To Other Character-54
06-03-Corrective Shapekeys-55
06-04-Lattices, Cages And Vertex Parenting-56
06-05-Bendy Bones-57

[Gumroad] The Art Of Effective Rigging In Blender (subgen)_Subtitles.7z

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