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The 46-Chapter Guide to Character Design for Beginner to Advanced [Coloso, Tahra, GBC Dub]


Release date:2024, March 16

Duration:23 h 59 m


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Master the Art of Character Design with a Professional Concept Artist Boasting a 20-Year Career​

Embarking on character concept art has never been smoother! Tahra, a seasoned concept artist with two decades of experience and a distinguished instructor at Arteum Academy, will unveil the simplest methods for crafting designs, drawing from his extensive background at leading gaming firms.

This course offers a rich array of examples and exercises meticulously crafted to guide you through the intricacies of character concept art, starting from the basics of designing with five core elements—shapes, fauna/flora, materials, occupations, and hues—all the way to refining rough drafts. It stands as the quintessential character concept art course, encompassing all fundamental aspects of concept art and design, from rendering intricate skin textures to portraying metals, fur, leather, and translucency in vivid detail. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

An Exercise-Centric, Hands-On Approach to Character Design​

Are you eager to create character designs that captivate audiences but uncertain where to begin? This course will shepherd you from novice to adept, enabling you to infuse a myriad of imaginative concepts into your creations.

In addition to core theoretical concepts, you’ll delve into reverse-analysis of imagery, practice basic ideation techniques, sketch idea drafts for enhanced design harmony and structure, and witness three comprehensive demonstrations unraveling color schemes, character roles, concepts, and narrative storytelling. Your learning journey will be focused solely on honing your design skills. Whether you’re a newcomer to character design, aspiring to build a professional portfolio, or seeking to refine your artistic prowess, Tahra’s guidance will empower you to craft compelling, top-tier designs.

  22 Step-by-Step Exercises to Master the Art of Character Design​

Section 1. Beginner: Analyzing Design Silhouettes and Ideation Practice in Reverse

  • Practice in Line Drawing
  • Dissecting and Reassembling Forms
  • Silhouette Examination
  • Application of Ideation Points

Section 2. Intermediate: Exploring Color Palettes and Refining Initial Designs

  • Harmony and Structural Integrity
  • Initiating Design Ideation
  • Practical Application of Color
  • Refinement of Initial Designs

Section 3. Intermediate to Advanced: Enhancing Skin Textures and Elevating Material Realism

  • Insights for Rendering More Lifelike Forms
  • Portraying Skin Textures
  • Rendering Metallic Armor and Accessories
  • Rendering Leather, Fur, and Translucent Materials

Unlock Tahra’s Creative Expertise for Innovative Designs​

Yearning to craft character concept art that defies conventions? Gain lifetime access to this course and glean invaluable design insights from Tahra, whose remarkable body of work has consistently wowed audiences throughout his illustrious 20-year career.

An Exercise-Driven Curriculum to Master Three-Dimensional Design​

Embark on a journey of visualizing your creative visions, navigating ideation, three-dimensional design, and comprehensive demonstrations, all facilitated through engaging step-by-step exercises designed to make learning a joyous endeavor.

The Final Piece in Crafting an Exceptional Character Design Portfolio​

Craft three distinct character types imbued with intricate details to assemble a portfolio primed for professional opportunities, while also learning key strategies for balancing diverse design elements effectively

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    We have to contribute so it can be bought and you will provide the course over here?

  3. Why are so many of these courses now only group buy? It would be more beneficial to all if these were made available here instead I believe. Please consider reposting Coloso courses here instead of the group buy! thanks!

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