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Animate Your Illustration with AE [Coloso, Seter, Group Buy]


Release date:2024, March 23


Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Optimize Your After Effects Skills to Bring Your Favorite Illustrations to Life

Embark on a comprehensive journey through After Effects, mastering keyframes, layer separation techniques, advanced rigging, and dynamic effects. This course is designed to provide a holistic understanding of After Effects, covering both technical aspects and practical insights for personal expression, empowering you to create a standout portfolio.

Explore the intricacies of dissecting intricate illustrations, such as Okku’s Snow Bunny, and gain valuable insights into layer separation, redrawing techniques, and seamless looping for 2D animation in After Effects. By the course conclusion, you’ll possess extensive knowledge of After Effects animation, equipping you to elevate your freelance career through commissions and collaborative projects.

Class Highlights:

  1. Developing an Eye for Animation & Layer Separation: Dive into art analysis by deconstructing layers and designs. Establish an efficient workflow for layer preparation, determining the animation’s look and providing flexibility for later stages.
  2. Mastering AE Animation from Scratch: Explore various animation tools and techniques, perfect loop creation, and delve into the art of rigging. Learn to animate different elements within artwork, culminating in a cohesive composition enhanced with complementary visual effects.
  3. Practice Makes It Perfect: Creating Your Own FX: Uncover the secrets behind captivating visuals inspired by games or anime. Understand essential effects, grasp the creative thought process, and practice generating visually stunning masterpieces within the illustration’s style.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Managing Layers: Efficiently organize and manage layers to enhance project clarity and prevent wasted time in a cluttered workspace.
  • Cleaning Overlapping Parts: Improve animation quality by effectively cleaning and redrawing overlapping sections, providing greater control over character movement.
  • Keyframes and Expressions: Master the relationship between keyframes and expressions, elevating animation complexity and solving specific problems with expressions.
  • Animation and Rigging: Harness rigging techniques to control multiple layers simultaneously, saving time and enhancing animation fluidity.
  • Custom VFX: Develop the ability to create custom visual effects, complementing your animation while maintaining the illustration’s stylistic integrity.
  • Freelancing & Getting in the Industry: Gain insights into presenting your work effectively, understanding market demands, and marketing your creations to receive the recognition you deserve.

Elevate your After Effects proficiency and unleash your creativity in the world of animated illustrations. Join the course for a transformative learning experience!

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