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StoryTelling Poses by Paris Christou

Release date:2021

Author:Paris Christou

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Paris Christou shares with you his 4 Step Process to creating clear Storytelling Poses.
He uses these exact 4 steps in his every day life to come up with his final illustrations that you see online. Our mission through this course is to come up with a solid final finished illustration with a strong storytelling pose.

Coming up with story concepts is usually the stage were most people get stuck on.

Paris begins the course by making life easier for you, teaching you how he comes up with quick, fun Storytelling concepts which only takes 5 minutes max.
Through out this course Paris demonstrates and explains in full detail his 4 Step Formula using three different story concepts, so that you can really understand and enjoy his simple method and apply it to your artwork.

But wait…this course is so much more than just creating Storytelling Poses…

It’s also for people who want:
– a solution to avoid that awful artist mind block.
– if you are always staring at a blank page in your sketchpad, this 4 step process is a superb way to stay active as an artist and to be able to practice drawing all day.
– if you are an artist on social medias, Then you are in the right place! This method will help you to produce many posts fast for Instagram, Facebook, Deviantart so that you can build your library for your followers to enjoy.

– This course will help you build a portfolio with solid interesting images and to help you think more creatively.

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  1. thank you so much for this course from toonboxstudio
    there’s 1 course that everyone longs for. It’s ” how to make comic strips ” from the same author Paris Christou (cartoonsmart or toonboxstudio)
    I hope you’ll upload this course soon

  2. amazing course, thank you so much
    please more course from toonboxstudio:
    How to make comic strips with Paris Christou

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