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Painting Using Impressionist Outdoor Color Theory (Part 1-3) by Steve Huston


Release date:2023

Duration:02 h 56 m

Author:Steve Huston

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

1. Painting Using Impressionist Outdoor Color Theory: Join world-renowned painter Steve Huston in this video lesson as he delves into the outdoor color theory of the impressionist painters. Uncover the techniques and theories that brought fame to these artists and distill the essentials necessary to apply this theory to your own work. Gain valuable insights into creating vibrant and expressive outdoor paintings.

2. Painting Using Impressionist Outdoor Color Theory 2: Steve Huston takes you deeper into impressionist outdoor color theory, focusing on the interplay between warm and cool colors to enhance your paintings. Analyze a painting by Peder Severin Krøyer as Steve demonstrates techniques to infuse vibrancy into your outdoor artwork. Expand your understanding of color relationships and learn practical ways to apply them in your own painting practice.

3. Painting Using Impressionist Outdoor Color Theory 3: In this continuation of the series, Steve Huston explores the outdoor color theory of the famous impressionist painters. The lesson centers around a painting by Spanish impressionist Joaquin Sorolla, with a keen focus on Sorolla’s masterful use of color. Gain valuable insights into Sorolla’s techniques and learn how to incorporate impressionist color theory into your own artistic repertoire.

Join Steve Huston in this enlightening series to unlock the secrets of impressionist outdoor color theory and elevate your painting skills. Explore the rich palette and expressive techniques that defined the works of masterful impressionist painters.

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