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Jewelry Creation With Blender by Julien Deville [Yojigraphics]


Release date:2023, October

Duration:04 h 01 m

Author:Julien Deville [Yojigraphics]

Skill level:Beginner


Exercise files:Yes

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of jewelry design with Blender in this comprehensive training. Discover the intricacies of crafting stunning rings and pendants, each design meticulously explained and exportable for professional use in the industry.

Key Features:

  1. Complete Workflow Exploration: Uncover a thorough workflow utilizing Blender functionalities, coupled with the powerful Jewelcraft addon specifically tailored for jewelry design. All tools featured in this training are open source, ensuring accessibility to all aspiring creators without any cost constraints.
  2. Six Chapters for Comprehensive Learning: The training is thoughtfully divided into six chapters, each dedicated to unraveling the tools necessary for diverse jewelry creations. From mastering the Jewelcraft addon to delving into Blender’s unique tools, utilizing object libraries for efficiency, and exploring image and video production, every aspect is covered. Learn to export models for production or 3D printing, and finally, apply your knowledge to model rings and pendants.
  3. Asset Library for Streamlined Creation: As an added bonus, access a complete library of ready-to-use objects via the asset browser, facilitating a seamless and efficient creation process. These objects come with unrestricted usage rights for your projects, as long as they are not shared.
  4. Source Files Included for Enhanced Learning: The training includes source files to facilitate a deeper understanding of the concepts covered. Follow along with the provided materials to enhance your skills and apply your newfound knowledge effectively.

Liberate Your Creativity: This training is designed to empower you to push the boundaries of your workflows, providing you with the skills and tools necessary for unleashing your creative potential in the realm of jewelry design. Elevate your creations and embark on a fulfilling journey into the art of jewelry making with Blender.

Thank you for choosing this training, and may your creative endeavors flourish! Happy training!

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Chapter 1 – Jewelcraft Addon

01.00 – Introduction
01.01 – Installation, presentation and configuration
01.02 – Unit management and update
01.03 – Simple ring creation
01.04 – Adding details with bevel tool
01.05 – Adding details with extrude tool
01.06 – Add gems – Shapes and materials overview
01.07 – Add gems – Simple Curve distribution
01.08 – Add gems – Custom Curve distribution
01.09 – Add gems – Distribution in staggered rows
01.10 – Add gems – Progressive size distribution
01.11 – Cutting and setting tools- prong setting
01.12 – Cutting and setting tools- cutters
01.13 – Cutting and setting tools- fishtail setting
01.14 – Object menu tools
01.15 – Metal weighting and design report
04.01 01.03-Simple ring creation

Chapter 2 – Blender’s native tools

02.01 – Mesh Modelling – Pendant Design from an image
02.02 – Mesh Modelling – bezel setting
02.03 – Mesh Modelling – facetting with poke tool
02.04 – Mesh Modelling – proportional editing
02.05 – Curve Modelling – 02d Pendants
02.06 – Curve Modelling – 03d decorations
02.07 – Text Modelling – engraving and embossing
02.08 – Booleans operations
02.09 – Modifiers examples – Curve and array
02.10 – Modifiers examples – Facetting with decimate
02.11 – Modifiers examples – Screw for spirals
02.12 – Introduction to sculpt mode

Chapter 3 – Use of a library of objects

03.01 – Asset browser’s introduction
03.02 – Jewel library – Configuration
03.03 – Jewel library – Objects
03.04 – Jewel library – Materials and lightings
03.05 – Add your own assets to the library

Chapter 4 – Production of images and videos

04.01 – Studio creation
04.02 – Material settings
04.03 – Camera settings
04.04 – Animation 360°
04.05 – Compositing effects

Chapter 5 – Files preparation for 3D printing

05.01 – Model Preparation
05.02 – Boolean operations, remesh and decimate
05.03 – Export and verification with the slicer

Chapter 6 – Full projects modelling examples

06.01 – Ring Modelling 01
06.02 – Ring Modelling 02
06.03 – Ring Modelling 03
06.04 – Pendant Modelling

[Udemy] Jewelry Creation With Blender by Julien Deville [Yojigraphics].7z.rar

[Udemy] Jewelry Creation With Blender by Julien Deville [Yojigraphics]_Subtitles.7z

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